Throwback Thursday – High Noon by Nora Roberts

high noon

When thinking about what to do for Throwback Thursday, I decided to pay tribute to one of the first authors and books that made me fall absolutely in love with suspenseful romance novels.  Nora Roberts has always been my go-to author when in need of a really great mystery/romance!  With over 200 novels under her belt, Nora is truly a great story teller.  Each and every one that I have read (I’m looking at at least 50-100 on my bookshelf as I type this) have been very well written with great characters and even better stories!

High Noon is just one of many of hers that stand out to me as a great book to curl up with while wrapped in a blanket drinking a cup of coffee (or in my case, a few glasses of wine).  Like many if not all of her female characters; Phoebe MacNamara is a strong, successful woman who won’t go down without a fight!  The plot will keep you guessing until the end and the romance between Phoebe and Duncan is just as enticing!  You truly can’t go wrong with any of her books!


Police Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara found her calling at an early age, when a violently unstable man broke into her family’s home, trapping and terrorizing them for hours. Now she’s Savannah’s top hostage negotiator, who puts her life on the line every day to defuse powder-keg situations. Phoebe knows when to reach out and when to pull back – and when to jump in and take action, even if it means risking everything. It’s satisfying work – and sometimes those skills come in handy at home when Phoebe deals with her agoraphobic mother, still traumatized by the break-in after all these years, and her precocious seven-year-old daughter, Carly. It’s exactly that heady combination of steely courage and sensitivity that first attracts Duncan Swift to Phoebe. After watching her talk one of his employees off a roof ledge, he is committed to keeping this intriguing, take-charge woman in his life. Phoebe’s used to working solo, but she’s finding that no amount of negotiation can keep Duncan at arm’s length. When she’s grabbed by a man who throws a hood over her head and brutally assaults her – in her own precinct house – Phoebe can’t help being deeply shaken. And when threatening messages appear on her doorstep, she’s not just alarmed but frustrated. How do you go face-to-face with an opponent who refuses to look you in the eye? Now, with Duncan backing her up every step of the way, she must establish contact with the faceless tormentor who is determined to make her a hostage to fear – before she becomes the final showdown.

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The Griffin Family – Suzanne Enoch


Suzanne Enoch

*The Griffin Family*

Sin And Sensibility
An Invitation To Sin
Something Sinful
Sins Of A Duke

The Griffin Family was such an enjoyable read! From “Sin and Sensibility” to “Sins of a Duke”….I had a ball! Suzanne Enoch´s stories have so much wit, sparkle and sexy moments, that you´ll find yourself wishing you were one of her characters! The adventures these characters went through kept me up all night!

The historical romance series is about a wealthy old English family who has name to protect. Scandals are meant to be avoided at all costs and the Griffin Family is dead set on keeping their name squeaky clean. That is…..until Lady Eleanor ( the only Griffin female) goes about and rattles London´s society a little up. Ofr course, each Griffin member gets their own story and each book gets better and better!

Sin And Sensibility ( book #1 )

sin and sensibility

Lady Eleanor wants an adventure before she surrenders herself to a boring marriage with someone she doesn´t love. She rebels against her family and society just so she can have some rememberable days of freedom. And who other better than the amazingly good looking womanizer, Valentine Corbett to protect her from scandal and school her in sin?
I loved this book. No….scratch that: I ADORED this book. It was my favorite from the series. Everything was so fantastic. Eleanor, her over protective brothers, her brother´s best friend ( Valentine )..the way the surroundings were explained, the events, the scandal….I´m telling you! This book was just what I was looking for! One minute, I was holfing my breath, and the next minute I was ready to punch a certain character! I loved how Eleanor fought for her own freedom and how Valentine always helped her get what she wanted. Eleanor and Valentine´s growing relationship was just beautiful…* sigh *…..I´m giving this book 5 out of 5 champagne glasses! Why? because Sin And Sensibility deserves it!

an invitation to sin

An Invitation To Sin ( book# 2 )

Seven marriageable daughters,,,and Lord Zachary Griffin is just the man to help them. After all, what could be more tantalizing than teaching the beautiful Witfeld sisters all the special ways of driving a man into marriage? And leading exquisite Caroline Witfeld, the oldest and most spirited and least frivolous sister, to temptation would be wildly delicious.
This book was great. I liked the idea that a Griffin brother was at a house filled with beautiful women who needed the know-how on fishing themselves a husband. All wild and willing to take Zach himself down, but Zach had only one thing in mind. To prove his oldest brother that he was indeed able to handle his own life. What Zach didn´t see coming was him falling for Caroline. Caroline wanted Zach….but she also wanted out of the loud house and to work as a painter in the big city. One thing leads to another and they fall for each other….but due to Caroline´s dream…..something happens and she leaves. But where was Caroline? I´m giving this book 4 out of 5 champagne glasses.

something sinful

Something Sinful  ( book # 3 )

Lord Charlemagne Griffin was always the business head of the family. Always very flawless and aware of everything around him. Until one night… happened! Shay found himself lusting after an exotic goddess at a ball. And before he knows what he´s doing…..Shay brags about his new business deal to impress the beautiful lady and that is his most biggest mistake ever! What Lord Shay doesn´t know, but finds out pretty fast, is that Lady Sarala Carlisle has much more to offer than a pefect chest. She out smarts the Lord and tricks him with his business deal. A cat and mouse games starts…but it´s Charlemagne who uses one of his many skills to beat her. The skill of seduction.

This book was another beautiful written romance. The idea was unique and special and it was so much fun to read about Lord Charlemagne and Lady Sarala. Their fights…the on an off bickerings, and then the passion they shared was just WOW! I´m giving this book 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!

sins of a duke

Sins Of A Duke ( book # 4 )

 Sebastian Griffen, the Duke of Melbourne, raised his younger siblings and always kept a close eye on each of them, seen to it that they made their correct matches, and kept the family and it´s name scandal – free! Sebastian is considered the most powerful man in England and he has the best reputation EVER! Until it happened to him. The biggest scandal of all times was marching it´s way to hit Sebastian hard! And boy…..does it hit him badly.

Josefina Katarina Embry is THE most beautiful creature in all England, and she also claims to be a princess of a country far far away from England. Sebastian suspects that Josefina is up to nothing good, but for some reason….he just cannot stay away from the fake princess or resist her heavenly charms. Will the Duke give into temptation that would lead him into the biggest scandal of all times?

This book had even more than I could have expected! All the characters from book 1-3 were in this story ( which made this book totally awesome! ) and the idea to make life really hard and challenging for the Duke was just FAB! The poor guy always took care of his siblings scandals, but he wasn´t so sure how to keep himself out of one. Such an exciting read and also a MUST READ for anyone who loves some hot and steamy sex scenes. This author really did a fab job with the last book of the series…I´m giving this book 5 out of 6 champagne glasses.

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The Sutherland Brothers series – Kresley Cole


The Sutherland Brothers series

*Kresley Cole*
Captain Of All Pleasures ( published 2003 )

The Prince of Pleasure ( published 2004 )

I read this series a few years ago and I absolutely L.O.V.E.D it! Hell, I even re-read them a few more times after the first round! Now….I am left with nothing more than 2 sleezy books in this series. The author has been asked a million times if there will be another book in this FABULOUS historical romance series,….but all she says is….” Not yet.”….* looking confused * ( not yet means, NEVER? or does it mean: Not now?….Hello? )

ANYWAYS….despite the fact that there are only 2 books in this series…I fell in love. * sigh* …Kresley Cole is currently concentrating on her Paranormal stories, ( which are all MUST READS)…So I guess we´ll just have do make do with these 2 ( for now).

If you´re into sexy Captains who rule the waters of this world… will totally enjoy these books! Captain Of All Pleasures + The Prince Of Pleasure are sexy as hell, hot, dramatic, passionate, and fantastic reads! The characters will capture your heart and soul and take you on a journey that will stay with you for a long time!


In my opinion…the covers should be changed!

They look kind of tacky….

captain of all pleasures

Captain Of All Pleasures ( book # 1 )
The first book introduces the older Sutherland brother, Captain Derek Sutherland, who is ( of course! How else should it be? ) a gorgeous, broken man with a cruel soul. That is…..until he meets his his rivals daughter,….Nicole Lassiter.  The american girl falls head over heels for the british Captain until she finds out who he really is. One things leads to another and Nicole seeks out revenge and wants to beat Derek in the most anticipated competition ever. The Great Circle Race from England to Australia. Even when both still feel some kind of attraction for another, the race is what is important for both and everyone ends up in one big cuddle muddle mess. I püersonally really loved this book because it had it all. I felt the chemistry between the main characters, I had such fun reading about all the events, and the end was so perfect! A true historical romance. 🙂 The story isn´t anything new, but it was very well told and beautifully written. THAT is what makes this book great!
5 champagne glass rating!

the prince of pleasure

The Prince Of Pleasure ( book # 2 )
This is the second and last installment of the Sutherland series ( really bummed about that!! ) The story is about Grant Sutherland who takes on a journey to find a ship that has been missing for over a solid decade! The man who hires Grant wants believes his family who was on that ship is still alive somewhere on a deserted Island. And…looks like the man was right. Grant travels the rough seas and finds the English girl, Victoria. when Grant wants to bring Victoria back into civilization the attraction and the trouble begins. Can a girl who has been stranded on a lonely Island jump right back to normal life again? Will everything she has taught herself be accepted in the new world? Or, can Grant accept her doings in the stuck up community of England? I liked this book as much as the first one. All the characters who were introduced in this book were great! I loved Ian ( Grants cousine ) the most, because his character had so much to potential. Victoria and Grant´s growing relationship was cute and frustrating at the same time. All the love, angst, worries, sorrows, and joys this book had made me want to believe that something like this story really once happened.
5 champagne glass rating.

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The Wallflower series – Lisa Kleypas

* Spotlight *

Lisa Kleypas

Secrets Of A Summer Night
It Happened One Autumn
The Devil In Winter
Scandal In Spring

The Wallflower series by the New York Times Bestselling author, Lisa Kleypas turned out to be something very special. I´m usually a total sucker for droopy romance, so I thought I might give these books a try and find out why everyone was going nuts over these very cheesy looking books. NOW, I couldn´t care less about the covers, because the stories were worth so much more! I adored every book from the Wallflowers!

Now to the stories….
The 4 young ladies have had a hard time finding true love in Englands high and mighty social circles. And the fact that they weren´t getting any younger made each of them more desperate to find a mate for life. While all 4 had one thing in common, they were all complete opposites in character. One night at ball, the four beauties found themselves standing against a wall and watching the rest of the world finding what they crave for the most. Love. That is when they decide to call themselves the Wallflowers and make it their mission to get married with everything included. Will they find what they´re searching for?

secrets of a summer night
Secrets Of A Summer Night ( book #1)
This book was my favorite from the series. Annabelle Peyton was financially ruined. When her father passed away, Annabelle, her brother and her  mother were left behind with nothing more than pennies to live off on. Their only choice was for Annabelle to find a husband who was wealthy enough to support Annabelle and her family. Everyone knew of their unfortunate position and only one man didn´t care. Simon Hunt wanted Annabelle. The very wealthy and handsome ( I truly loved him the most from all men in this didn´t care if Annabelle was living on the brink of poverty…..all he desired was her. To show her all the pretty things life had to offer. Just one thing bothered Annabelle. Simon wasn´t a typical uptight, stiff, well mannered Englishman she had hoped for. Despite Simons wealth, there was nothing Annabelle found appealing about him. But Simon was dead set on making Annabelle see him for who he was. A loyal and loving spirit. First comes hate, then friendship, and all turns out to be one hell of a love story that blew my mind! This book was very emotional. The end was Oscar worthy and I just LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. 5 champagne glasses!

it happened one autumn

It Happened One Autumn ( book #2)
The second installment from the Wallfower series was the funniest of all. When the bold and feisty Lillian Bowman found herself at a ball hosted by Englands most wanted bachelors, she had to learn that her american ways were anything but welcomed. Her quick mouth and her loose ways were not appreciated at all and that made it harder for Lillian to find a suitable husband. When Marcus, Lord Westcliff, London´s most eligible aristocrats, saw, heard, and smelled Lillian, the hairs at the nape of his neck stood in all directions. Never in his life did Marcus have to deal with such a woman and that irritated him to no end. With both having the same opinion about each other, they still can´t seem to stay out of each others way! Soon, the repulsing ways from Lillian grew on Marcus and the stiffy english side from Marcus made Lillians world spin. Both had a hard time accepting who they fell in love with, and that is where the fun begins. Alot of ” I hate you….No, I hate  you MORE!” was in this book. Plus a whole  bunch of frustration and devastation that left me laughing, getting angry, and feeling very angsty.
I had such a ball reading this story. The dialogue was well though through and the english / american banters were such fun! And the love they developed was so sweet. I just adored these characters! A true english love story!
5 champagne glasses!!

devil in winter

Devil In Winter ( book #3)
The third installment in the Wallflower series was ( for me at least…) the sweetest. The reason she couldn´t find a husband wasn´t because she was poor, or because she had an awkward accent. No. Evangeline Jenner was very wealthy, but so shy and insecure. Being tortured by her relatives, she finds real friendship with the other wallflowers and is just as anxious to find the love of her life. The only  thing standing in her way is her stuttering. No one wants a relationship with a beautiful young lady who can´t speak fluently.
This books starts off where ” It Happened One Autumn stops. Right after Lillian gets saved from the evil asshat Sebastian, Viscount St. Vincent. Evangeline finds the kidnapper and wants to make a deal with him that could possibly save her life. Knowing Sebastian is in great need of money, Evangeline offers him money if he agrees to marry her. And he take the offer gladly. But will their marriage really save Evangeline from her ruthless and cruel relatives? Will both get a chance at love even though they´re not looking for it from each other?
I enjoyed this book because it showed that the weak isn´t always weak and that deep down…every asshole has a soft spot. The events both had to go through were tough and I was really rooting for these two to just live happily ever after! Both deserved it! Perfect sweet and adorable love story that left me wanting more.
5 champagne glasses!!

scandal in spring

Scandal In Spring ( book #4)
This was the only book I didn´t enjoy so much. So much had happened with the other Wallflowers, but this one seemed forced to me. I liked it. But it was far beyond my favorite.
Daisy Bowman ( Lillian´s sister ) was the last of the Wallflower gang to find true love. Did she find an englishman like the others did? Nope. She found that she was either to find a husband quick on her own, or her father would choose someone for her. And at the end….Daisy had to deal with what her father pushed under her nose. Matthew Swift, the one man Daisy has hated for years. But something changed. Matthew wasn´t theman she once hated to badly. He was charming and the sexual tension between the two was more than Daisy expected it would be.
Will their love stand a chance? Can just one tiny secret destroy what they were building together?
I took my sweet time reading this book and it took more energy to finish this book because I really had enough of the back and forths regarding the emotional household..
3 champagne glasses.

All in all, I really liked this series from Lisa Kleypas. A wonderful author who has the ability to capture your heart with her heart-warming and heart-breaking lovestories from the victorian era!

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Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon Spotlight Review


In honor of Throwback Thursday, I had to post about my ALL-TIME FAVORITE series, The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  

My wonderful mother introduced me to this series quite a few years back and it’s probably one of the best things she’s ever done for me!  And that’s saying a lot because my mom is AMAZING and is the most important woman in my life!  

So, let’s start by saying that before there was Christian, Gideon, Gavin, Kellan, Ethan, Damien, James, and all of our other favorite book boyfriends; there was James Fraser!  James (or Jamie) is the ULTIMATE hero ever created in my personal opinion!  What this man goes through and accomplishes and how he loves will make you cry, laugh, and will seriously take your breath away.  Claire Randall is one of the strongest female characters I have ever read about and you fall in love with this duo immediately!

Here’s a quick synopsis before I go further into my raving review!

Outlander Synopsis

Claire Randall is leading a double life. She has a husband in one century, and a lover in another…

In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon—when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an “outlander”—in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of our Lord…1743.

Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand, Claire’s destiny in soon inextricably intertwined with Clan MacKenzie and the forbidden Castle Leoch. She is catapulted without warning into the intrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten her life …and shatter her heart. For here, James Fraser, a gallant young Scots warrior, shows her a passion so fierce and a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire…and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.outlander series pic

Okay, now onto the technical aspects… Outlander is a historical fiction written by Diana Gabaldon in 1991.  It is the first in the series.  Since then she has released  six other books in the series; Dragonfly In Amber, Voyager, Drums Of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, A Breath Of Snow And Ashes, and An Echo In The Bone.  All of them are wonderfully long and very detailed reads.  The eighth in the series, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, is slotted to be released March 25, 2014.  The release will coincide with the new Starz original TV series of Outlander slotted to begin in June 2014.  They begin filming this October! 

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this series!  When I began Outlander, it took me some time to get into it merely due to the fact that I didn’t understand some of the dialect it was written in.  Diana places the story in the Scotland Highlands during the 1700’s and is so authentic in her work, she uses many gaelic terms in the story.  I believe I was half way 

DianaGabaldoninto Voyager (the 3rd book) when I decided to stop and re-read Outlander so I could fully get everything the book had to offer!  I was not disappointed!  I loved it even more the second go-around!  Once I could quickly understand terms like “ye ken,”  “sassenach,” and many others I can’t remember right now, it left me able to thoroughly enjoy Jamie and Claire!  What amazing characters they are!  James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser or Jamie {sigh} is a dominant, barbaric, unrefined, pure testosterone male who literally stops at nothing to protect his family, his land, his conviction, and his Claire.  Claire Beauchamp Randall is a feisty, strong-willed, brave, and passionate woman who is thrust into a world she doesn’t belong in and doesn’t understand.  Together, they become a force to be reckoned with and with that, the most powerful love story unfolds.  

into Voyager (the 3rd book) when I decided to stop and re-read Outlander so I could fully get everything the book had to offer!  I was not disappointed!  I loved it even more the second go-around!  Once I could quickly understand terms like “ye ken,”  “sassenach,” and many others I can’t remember right now, it left me able to thoroughly enjoy Jamie and Claire!  What amazing characters they are!  James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser or Jamie {sigh} is a dominant, barbaric, unrefined, pure testosterone male who literally stops at nothing to protect his family, his land, his conviction, and his Claire.  Claire Beauchamp Randall is a feisty, strong-willed, brave, and passionate woman who is thrust into a world she doesn’t belong in and doesn’t understand.  Together, they become a force to be reckoned with and with that, the most powerful love story unfolds.  

The series takes us from the Highland Uprising to the American Revolution with heart-wrenching stories in between.  Diana does an amazing job at making the reader feel and experience everything from love and loss, birth and death, war and peace, and the ever enduring passion between Jamie and Claire.   The entire series is a MUST READ and it undoubtedly gets 5 out of 5 champagne glasses from the Divas!  

photo 4

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Dragonfly In Amber:


Drums Of Autumn:

The Fiery Cross:

A Breath Of Snow And Ashes:

An Echo In The Bone:

Pre-Order Written In My Own Heart’s Blood:

The Bow Street Runners – Lisa Kleypas

** Spotlight**

Lisa Kleypas

Bow Street Runners Series

Someone To Watch Over Me
Lady Sohia´s Lover
Worth any Price
Again The Magic

This series by Lisa Kleypas is a wondeful historical romance series with a touch of true facts behind the books. The Bow Street Runners actually existed back in good old England. In my opinion…the author did a great job on clashing the different kind of police with some naughty affairs. All four books were great, quick reads filled with men and women fighting for their rights, love and for the sake of happiness.

In reading order + publish dates:

Someone To Watch Over Me – May 1999
Lady Sophia´s Lover – June 2002
Worth any Price – Febuary 2003
Again The Magic – Febuary 2004

someone to watch over me

Someone To Watch Over Me ( book #1)
– This is the first installment in the Bow Street Runners series and also the mildest of all. The story is about a young beautiful woman who was rescued from the freezing Thames and suffered from memory loss. Everyone in London knows who the lost beauty is and they treat her the way anyone would a nobel prostitute. Even Grant Morgan, one of the best men on the Bow´Street Runners, recognized her and still took the fragile, dead looking beauty in his home and took care of her. Vivien Rose Duvall fights hard to remember what happened to her and who would want her dead, but comes up with nothing. Instead….she sees herself falling in love with Grant. Bits and pieces from her memory come slowly back, but her memories don´t match with her former reputation…..Will Grant believe she´s not the most loved and hated nobel prostitute in all London? Will both find the person who tried to kill her?
This book was kind of REALLY predictable…but still an enjoyable read.

lady sophias lover

Lady Sophia´s Lover ( book #2)
– I thought this book was much better than the first one was. There was more emotions in this book and more feisty moments. But still just a cute read. The events that happened in this story with Lady Sophia and Sir Ross Cannon ( chief of the Bow Street Runners) were slightly exciting but yet not enough for me to want to re-read the book. Lady Sophia had a dreadful life after her parents passed away. And after her brother left her as well….she was determained to keep herself alive and find the man who put her only family left behind bars. Sir Ross Cannon. Her plan was to get as close as she could to the bachelor and and crush him emotionally when the time was right. What she didn´t think about was falling in love him. After working for Ross Cannon, Sophia finds herself not wanting to ruin the guy more than he already was. Sophia succeeded in making Cannon fall head over heals in love with her, but now she was confused as to what she was supposed to do. Would Sophia drag Cannon through hell once again just so she can find some justice in life, or will she let herself love the kind and giving chief of the department?
There was one nice thing to see in this book: That was Grant Morgan. His role was small….but his character gave the story a nice touch…

worth any price

Worth Any Price ( book #3)
– This book was the best of the Bow Street Runners series. It had so much spark to it and I found myself re-reading it a couple of times. This book was not only much much more emotional….but it was also written better. I wasn´t left with any questions regarding missing characters or such and that made this book perfect!
Nick Gentry was the most skillful lover in London and the surrounding area! He´s on a dead set mission until he bumps into Charlotte, a young lady who´s hiding from a man who wants nothing but her body. Of course, Charlotte tries to hide and finds herself in a much more tempting position with Nick. But their journey has just begun….Will they ever have a chance of being happy together? Can Charlotte drop her past and face a new life filled with love and happiness?
REALLY REALLY good book!!

again the magic

Again The Magic ( book #4)
– This book was AMAZING! So sad and so utterly beautiful….Just the right amount of sorrow and happiness anyone could ever ask for. I thought this book didn´t really fit into the series, because there wasn´t anything that had to do with the Bow Street Runners. So I would rather consider this book the beginning of Lisa Kleypas´ following series. The only thing that linked this book to the series was Nick from book # 3 and after reading about him in this book….alot became more clear ( that just gave me another reason to re-read Worth Any Price all over again…lol)
Lady Aline Marsden had only one purpose in life. To marry a man from her own class, the upper crust. But as fate has it´s ways sometimes….Aline falls in love with her fathers servant, John McKenna. Once their love was revealed, John was sent away, far from Aline so they would never have a chance at love. Years later, John returns with the money, the looks and a mission to finally take revenge on the woman who stole his heart and tortured his soul for years. Aline. His plan to finish Aline emotionally off was all set until he found out the truth about his departure, and the truth of what had happened to Aline.
I was in TEARS while reading this book. Again The Magic was one of the few best romances I have ever read! It was devastating, superb, and so emotional, that I am terrified to read it again because I can´t go through all the pain and sorrow again. A truly magical story.

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The MacCarrick Trilogy – Kresley Cole





                             The New York Times Bestselling Author, Kresley Cole not only created the fantastic paranormal world in her Immortals After Dark ( IAD ) series, she also did a wonder performance on her Hystorical Romance novels The MacCarrick Trilogy.

This series is about three scottish brothers who believe they are cursed for life. All three men fight the need of commitment, love, and certainty when it comes to the females who enter their lives. Each and every MacCarrick brother goes through their own personal hell before they discover what it is that really is important for themselves and their happiness.

if you dare

Book #1 : If You Dare
`Can a Highlander steal his enemy´s bride and make her love him?`

– In my opinion….Courtland´s story was good..I wasn´t completely IN LOVE with this story… BUT…I still was interested enough to read about the next brother, Hugh..If You Dare was a fun read considering the fact that is wasn´t written in the common Historical fashion, I still had fun.
I am giving IF YOU DARE by Kresley Cole 3 out of 5 champagne glasses…

** Quote**
“As he slept, his heartbeat returned to slow and steady, lulling her. Before she joined him, she decided that she never wanted to sleep without that sound again.”

if you desire

Book # 2 : If You Desire
`How much temptation can a Highlander resist?`

– Hugh MacCarrick´s story was the one that triggered my emotions about the series. It was sad, depressing and at times, highly humorous. I thought it was a fantastic read and wanted to read more about Hugh and his confusion about what he wants, needs and MUST have for his life. The heroine was a bit annoying, but that didn´t bother me the least.
I am giving IF YOU DESIRE by Kresley Cole 4 out of 5 champagne glasses

** Quote**

The best way to get over a man is to get under an Italian.”

if you deceive

Book # 3 : If You Deceive
` Can a ruthless Highlander ever learn to love?`

–  Ethan MacCarrick´s book was the best of all three. I also had the impression that the author had more fun with this book. Ethan was the perfect asshole with a heart of gold. Madeleine had hell on wheels with this brother. Being the little devil she was herself, she slowly found a way into Ethan´s ice cube of a heart. Their relationship was the toughest from all three brothers and in my point of view….the most exciting, sad, and frustrating from all.
I am giving IF YOU DECEIVE by Kresley Cole 5 out of 5 champagne glasses

** Quote **

“Just lie back, wench.”
She snickered. “Did you call me wench? Well, you certainly dated yourself there, didn’t you? Sometimes I forget how old you are. What’s your age, anyway? Thirty-seven? Thirty-eight?”
“I’m thirty-three.”

If you are into sexy, steaming hot sex ( !!! ) and more than handsome scottish men with an attitude that will evoke feelings in you you haven´t felt in a while….then I highly recommend this series….

The Trilogy can be purchased at Amazon….Links below:

If You Dare –

If You Desire  –

If You Deceive  –