It´s Live! Release for Iris ( The Wild Side #2) by R. K. Lilley

It´s a damn shame that we call ourselves massive R. K. Lilley fans when we haven´t even read her newest series, The Wild Side. ( sinking heads with shame )

The cover from The Wild Side ( book #1 ) was the coolest thing we´ve seen on a book in a long while. And now after we catch wind of the release from book #2, Iris, we were amazed how stunning it is.

Take a look and see for yourself! It´s about time an author decided to get away from the typical black/red, black/purple, half naked washing board stomache dude with tattooed arms ( not that we´re complaining…*smile*). The book world needs color and this book has caught our attention in the best way possible.


And as for the synopsis…well, let´s just say we might get to this one sooner than later..:-) A TEASER + Links included below.Have fun! ( our reviews for The Wild Side and Iris will follow shorty…* still ashamed…*



Who is Iris? Where did she come from? Where has she gone? 

Alasdair Masters has more questions than answers about his new, too young obsession, and when he finds out she’s been lying to him, from their first meeting to their last one, he’s more confused than ever about her feelings, her intentions. 

And what’s just as confusing are his own feelings. Has he turned something purely physical into something emotional in his own head? Is any of it mutual? 

The only thing he doesn’t question is whether he’ll keep going back for more. 

Me, I was simple. I was order. A very neat, efficient machine that ran on nothing but air. 

Me plus anyone else, well, that was another matter. And me plus Iris, that was a monster of a machine, with all gears going at different speeds, some spinning off their hinges, just going mad, but it was a wonderful madness, at full throttle, misfiring in all directions. 

It felt wonderful and dreadful. 
I was breaking down, and it felt amazing. 
And terrifying. 

This book is intended for readers 18 and up.


Teaser #1




I had a bit of a nervous breakdown after Iris left without a trace.  

It was the strangest thing, but I suddenly didn’t like my own company so much.  

In fact, I began to hate it, even at home.  

I still went to the gym at the exact same time, every single day, in the small hope that she’d show again.  She didn’t, but I kept going, because I wanted to see her again.  

She hadn’t been in my life for long, but I missed her.  

Being that I couldn’t stand my own company, I began to reconnect with old friends, people I hadn’t talked to since the divorce, the friends I’d chalked up to losses in the breakup; Tammy’s assets when we’d been chopping our combined life in half.  

For some reason, they all seemed very happy to hear from me.  I felt like a jerk for going into full hermit mode and attempted to have something of a social life again. 

I’d often meet up with another writer friend for coffee or lunch after my workout, telling myself that if I just kept working at it—being a normal person, with normal social habits—it wouldn’t feel so forced.  

And it was true.  Two months post Iris, and I was looking forward to having coffee with my friend, Benji.  

He was already sitting at a table as I entered the café a few shops down from my gym.  

I waved at him, saw he had an extra coffee for me, and bypassed the line to go directly to him.  

He slid me the cup as I sat down.  

“You make your deadline?” I asked him.  Like me, he was a neurotic, work obsessed writer, and so we always had something to talk about.  It was good.  Distractions were good.  The more the better.  The more plates spinning the better, these days.

He nodded with a grin, pushing his thick glasses up high on his nose, and sweeping his light brown hair away from his face.  He was a good seven years my junior, with a lean, nerdy look that I thought suited him.  He wore it well.  “How about you?  I know you were early on your publisher’s deadline, but how is your indie project coming along?”  

“Good.  Good.  My word count is flowing faster than ever.  I should be done in about four weeks.”  

He whistled.  “Will you sell it to the publisher, if they decide they like it and make you a good offer?”  

I shrugged.  “I doubt it.  This whole project is an experiment for me.  It won’t be much fun if I don’t get to at least see how making seventy percent compares to making, yanno, eight.”  

He shook his head, smiling wryly.  “You’re forgetting your advance.  You can’t tell me they don’t give you plenty up front.”  

I shrugged again.  “Like I said, this one is an experiment.  I doubt even my publisher can sway me, and it’s not exactly written in the genre I’m known for, so they wouldn’t write me a big check for it, anyway.”  

“You’re probably right.”  He sighed.  “I envy you the flexibility to do what you want.  Some of us are still writing just to pay the bills.”  

We sipped coffee and talked shop for a bit.  We were just getting ready to leave when he suddenly trailed off mid-sentence, looking at something behind me.          

I turned to see what it was, and an electric fire went off in my brain at the sight that met my eyes.  

Setting my jaw hard, I turned carefully away.  

So the back of that blonde woman in line resembled Iris, so what?  

This wasn’t the first time my brain had tricked me into thinking she was somewhere close.  

But it was never her.  I’d see some young blonde thing out of the corner of my eye and turn to stare until I met a stranger’s blank stare.   

Not today.  Today I was going to ignore the urge to obsess.  It wasn’t her, just some young woman with a great body.  She wasn’t even dressed correctly, wearing a pleated skirt and a belted, collared blouse.  

Iris wouldn’t be caught dead in business attire. 

“Holy fucking shit, man.  Did you see that chick?” Benji asked, his tone reverent.  

My mouth quirked up in a rueful smile.  Even the most civilized men turned into mouth-breathers if a hot enough woman walked into the room.  

“I did.”  I took a long sip of coffee, watching Benji, who just kept watching the woman in line, forcing myself, with great effort, to stifle the urge to turn around again.  “Nice ass,” I noted.  

“Yes.  But you need to turn around and check out the rest of her.  Huge titties, man.”  

I rolled my eyes.  There was a bit of a generation gap between us.  My generation thought shit like that, but then we kept it to ourselves, like grown-ups.  

“Big soft tits,” he continued, “in a semi-sheer white blouse.  Fuuuck.  She’s got a tan.  How many articles you think I need to write to bang a chick that out of my league?”  

“A lot,” I mused, still staying firmly with my back to the woman in question.  

“Like how many is a lot?”  

“What do you make?  Like five hundred an article?  I’d say about two thousand of those, minimum.  If she’s as hot as she looked from the back, though, you’d need to be well into the millionaire club before she’d give you the time of day, so more like five thousand articles, realistically.”  

His eyes were wide as he finally looked away from the hot chick and back to me.  “Really?  That is fucking depressing, dude.”  

I shrugged.  “Yeah.  But the really sad part is you’d have to spend a good chunk of that cash on her, if you wanted her to stay around for any length of time.”

He shook his head.  “I think you’ve gone cynical, after Tammy.”

I couldn’t dispute that.  Not a bit.  “You may be right.  What can I say?  Divorce messes with your head.”  I didn’t bring up Iris.  I hadn’t told him about her.  “Why don’t you go ask her out, if you’re so certain I’m wrong?”  

He laughed.  “I didn’t say you were wrong, I said you were cynical, and so am I.  That chick is out of my league, period.  I need more money to bag a woman like that.  Or at the very least, better looks and a bigger dick.  And look at that, fuck, she’s already leaving.  I was hoping she’d sit down to drink her coffee, and let me look at her for a few more minutes.” 

“Maybe you were creeping her out.  You’ve barely taken your eyes off her since she walked in the door.”

He didn’t even seem to hear me.  “Oh, no, wait, she’s only going to the bathroom.  I thought it was weird she was leaving without her order.  Did you see her shoes, man?  Those are some ‘fuck-me’ stilettos.  And her hair is in this tight bun, and she’s wearing sexy librarian glasses.  Will you please turn and look when she comes back out?  I will drop the subject if you will just get a better view of her and agree with me that she’s a ten.”

“Nope.  Not doing it.  That poor girl does not need us both creeping out on her.  I’ll take your word for it.”

That seemed to settle the matter.  He dropped it.

His phone rang; he checked the screen and started cursing.  “I’ve got to run.  Same time next week?”  

I nodded, and he left.  I didn’t move and still didn’t turn around.  I had that feeling, a tingle on my neck, like I was being watched from behind, and I was again talking myself out of obsessing about Iris.  

But burned in my brain was the image of the back of that woman, and in spite of myself, I was comparing.  

And a small part of me was enjoying the torture of imagining it could be her, that she would find me again.      

Finally, I cracked, turning to look, thinking that the woman must have left, so I should just get it over with, like pulling off a Band-Aid.  

And there she was.  

There was Iris, standing only feet away, holding a cup of coffee and watching me, her expression very blank.  She was wearing sexy librarian glasses, her hair in a tight bun, just like Benji had said.  

And it really was her, in the flesh.  

She wore white, and her clothes were fitted enough to show off every lush curve.  Her mouthwatering breasts were clearly outlined, the buttons of her blouse open enough to show an extravagant amount of cleavage.  

How had I forgotten just how stunning she was?  How captivating?  

Her large breasts were even more exceptional than I remembered, as though I’d dreamt her up as a comic book version of herself.  

Iris squared.    

The moment our eyes met, she began to move, walking with easy grace to sit across from me.

She looked cold, so icy blonde and beautiful, like some mix of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly.  

Terrible and beautiful.  

It felt like fatal voltage to my chest just to look at her like that.

It was Iris, but Iris as a stranger.  No, it was worse than that.  It was like she was a curious, wild, imaginary creature, with the pieces of her just now put together, invented for my eyes, not how I remembered at all, because even when she’d been angry, she had never been cold.

Then she smiled, and it was her again, all traces of the cold stranger gone.  

Which one was the real Iris?

“Hello, Dair.”  

I swallowed hard and saw her eyes dart to my throat.

“Hello, Iris.”  

“God, I missed the sound of your voice.”

“The sound of my voice?” My voice caught on the question awkwardly, breaking slightly on the last word.  

She had such a talent for catching me off guard.

“Yes.  You have the best voice, like a stern school teacher.”

My brain short-circuited for a bit before I could respond.  “You say the most outrageous things.”

She laughed, and its tinkling sound felt like velvet across the back of my neck.  “Is that all you have to say to me, after all this time?” she asked quietly.  

“I’m sorry for all the things—”

“I don’t want you to take those things back, if you still believe them, and besides, that’s not what I meant.  Don’t you have anything else to say to me?”  

I took a few deep breaths.  “Where have you been?  And why are you back now?”  

“That’s not what I meant, either.  And I don’t want to talk about that.  Didn’t you miss me?”  

She reached a hand across the table, and I found one of mine grasping it, lacing our fingers tightly together.  

My eyes squeezed shut.  It felt very good to touch her again, even just her hand.  “Yes, Iris, I missed you very much.”  

“There you go.  Was that so hard?  I missed you, too.  You look good.”  She tugged her hand away, and my eyes opened to follow its retreat.  

“Why are you dressed like that?”  

She looked like she was trying not to smile.  “Like what?”  

“Like a professional.  Why are you wearing glasses?  What are you doing?  Where did you go?  Where have you been?”  

She glanced around, and the way she did it struck me as more than a little paranoid.  “Want to go for a walk?”  

My heart started pounding hard.  

I didn’t hesitate.  

“Of course I do,” I said, absolutely no thought required.  

I’d take a walk with her anytime, anywhere.  

She smiled, taking off those sexy glasses.  “Well, then, let’s get out of here.” 




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R.K. Lilley lives in Colorado with her husband and their two beautiful sons. She’s had a lot of interesting jobs, from being a first class flight attendant, to being a stablehand, but swears she never knew what hard work was until she had children. She’s been addicted to both reading and writing fiction since she can remember. She loves to travel, read, hike, paint, game, watch anime, and make the most of every single day. She is the author of the erotic romance novels In Flight, Mile High, Grounded, and the novella, Lana.









Bad Things



Rock Bottom



Lovely Trigger



IN FLIGHT (Up in the Air #1)

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MILE HIGH (Up in the Air #2)

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GROUNDED (Up in the Air #3)

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LANA (Novella)

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Happy One Year Anniversary to author Melissa Collins!!



Collins is

celebrating her One Year Indie Anniversary and to celebrate her debut novel Let Love Inis now FREE until May 11th!!!!

What would happen if you lost everything? If the people who were

supposed to love you unconditionally were no longer there for you, how

would your world change?

That’s exactly what happened to

Madeleine Becker when her parents died when she was ten years old.

Ripped from her home and everything that she has ever loved, she is

forced to start all over again. The only way for her to move on is to

build walls around her heart and keep everyone at a safe distance. Her

logic: she can’t get hurt if she doesn’t fall in love.


theory is blown to pieces when she meets Reid Connely during her

freshman year at college. He is gorgeous and darkly mysterious. He

understands Maddy’s pain all too well, but sharing his pain would mean

breaking down the walls he put up around his own heart. Conflicted

between loving Maddy and hiding his dark past, Reid starts to reevaluate

his world. Maddy’s inner strength, snarky personality and breath

taking beauty help Reid to make peace with his past.


Together they find out what happens when they Let Love In.





Melissa Collins has always been a book worm. Studying Literature in

college ensured that her nose was always stuck in a book. She followed

her passion for reading to the most logical career choice: English

teacher. Her hope was to share her passion for reading and the escapism

of books to her students. Having spent more than a decade in front of a

classroom, she can easily say that it’s been a dream.

Her passion for writing didn’t start until more recently. When she

was home on maternity leave in early 2012, she read her first romance

novel and her head filled with the passion, angst and laughter of the

characters who she read about it. It wasn’t long before characters of

her own took shape in her mind. Their lives took over Melissa’s brain

and The Love Series was born.


Kellan Kyle ( Thoughtful ) – S. C. Stephens ** NEWS**

This is probably no news to many of you, but for those newly won Kellan Kyle fans out there who have no clue what´s been going on, us Divas ( who were obviously NOT paying attention to this news either ) thought we might catch up on our ALL TIME FAVORITE rockstar / love triangle novel EVER!

Here´s a small excerpt from Thoughtful, Kellan´s POV from the Thoughtless series.  This is Kellan Kyle and his thoughts when seeing Keira for the first time.


Throughout our set, I kept one eye on the doors for Denny. He should be showing up any time. I wondered if he’d look the same—unruly dark hair that stuck up everywhere, short, skinny frame. I wondered what his girlfriend looked like. I kept picturing her as a petite blonde thing for some reason.

The song we were singing was a fan favorite, and everywhere I looked people were singing along. I focused in on the group in front of me. Propping a foot up on a speaker, I leaned out into the crowd, letting them touch me. It was complete mayhem, but the way they grinned made me smile. It was nice to be able to make people happy, even if it was for a really strange reason.

I was suggestively running my hand down my body when I felt something. It was the oddest sensation I’d ever felt, like lightning was about to strike and the air was charged with static electricity; even though it was warm in the bar, my skin was pebbled with goose bumps. I kept the majority of my attention on the girls clamoring for me to notice them, but I lifted my eyes to the doors.

There was a girl being led into the bar. Whoever was with her was weaving her through the packed crowd. I couldn’t see the person in the lead at all, and was only catching glimpses of the mystery woman, but it was enough. I saw hundreds of girls every night, some plain, some beautiful enough to be highly sought after cover models, but this girl…even seeing her through a crowd, there was something about her that sang to me. It nearly stopped me in my tracks. Mentally, at least. I was having difficulty getting the right words to come out of my mouth. I was sure I’d said those last two lines completely wrong.

Absolute swoon worthy, if you ask us. This just shows us that no matter how much time passes….Kellan Kyle still has the power to rule the book world. * sigh * Cover and release date haven´t been announced yet. ( such a bummer…)  But rumor has it that it will be sometime in 2014. 

Gone Girl cover for EW with Ben Affleck

Why does this seem odd? I mean…..I´m not totally against Ben Affleck  ( I´m only against his acting abilities ) but why was he chosen for Gone Girl?

I´m not sure if any of you lovely people have read Gillian Flynn´s mystery novel yet, but I have. And for some reason I cannot picture Ben portraying any character from that book at all. Why not take someone like—– Oh what´s his name again?…..Uuuuuh….* pinching the bridge of my nose*….uuh…someone like a younger Russel Crowe? Ewan McGregor ( Ohhh no. I love Ewan to much to hate him on  Screen ).

Has the film industry run out of actors to portray in an adapted Screenplay?

Anyways…..I´ll just go and ramble on to myself and present you the cover for EW. I totally dig the cover .

ben affleck

Review for Gone Girl will be up soon. Stay tuned…xxx

Lovely Trigger by R. K. Lilley ** BLITZ TOUR **

Author: R.K. LILLEY



“That motherfucker is even bigger than you,” shot out of my mouth as Tristan took his seat beside me.
He gave me one quick look, and then looked at Akira, but that look told me plenty of things that I’d rather not have known. For starters, my statement came out sassier than I’d intended, and Tristan still loved my sassy. In fact, he ate it up. His gaze had been hot, and…something else that I didn’t want to name.
“Don’t get any ideas,” he said idly, taking a sip of water. “That giant bastard is taken.”
My eyes narrowed on him. “I know that. He’s married to a supermodel. I was just saying…it must be weird for you, usually the biggest guy in the room, having to look up at somebody. And his biceps are even a bit wider than yours…”
His breath whooshed out in a surprised laugh. “You and your big arm fetish. Mine are still bigger than your waist. They haven’t gotten any smaller.”
I didn’t let myself look at them, but it was a struggle. And I’d looked enough already to know that he was right.
Absently, I rubbed at my bad knee under the table.
I felt him staring at me.
“Does it still hurt?” he asked softly, as though he couldn’t help himself. I made my face into a very careful mask. “It’s fine, just a bit stiff.
Nothing to concern yourself with.”
Nothing on earth could have shocked me more than when his hand touched my leg, sliding under mine to rub at my knee, somehow knowing just where to touch to ease the ache. He’d always had a special talent for that.
“What are you doing?” I asked through my teeth. We’d been getting along for days, but this was too much, too far.
He didn’t even flinch away from the look of murder I sent him, the bold bastard. “I’m just trying to help,” he said, deadly earnest.
“I don’t need your help.” My tone was venomous.
He didn’t stop rubbing, still didn’t flinch away. Over the last six years, it had been way too easy to get him to back off, and I found that I had no clue what to do when my venom didn’t push him away.
“I know that. Believe me, I know it. But what if I need to give it?”
“We’re at the wedding of two people I adore, so I will be civil for about ten more seconds, but you had better believe that—“
“What about friendship? Can we just try that? No funny business, I swear.”
I felt so stiff, and I knew hostility was radiating off me in waves.
Frankie caught my eye, her arm around her girl. This was a wedding, a joyous occasion, and her concerned look swayed me. She was worried I’d cause a scene, and it hurt me that she was right to be worried.
I’m more mature than this, I told myself. And hell, why couldn’t we be friends? I didn’t think he was attracted to me anymore. I knew that what he wanted really was just friendship, and forgiveness, so why couldn’t I just give that to him? Why did I feel the need to shut him out completely?
I knew the answer. I was like a wounded animal, lashing out at his indifference, which had become the cause of my pain.
“No funny business?” I asked, then spoke again before he could answer. “I actually believe that now. I didn’t figure you were into cripples.”
His hand dropped limply from my knee.
I got a look at his face, right before his gaze dropped down to the table, and instantly regretted saying something so ugly.
Whatever his feelings for me had turned into, I still had the power to wound him deeply.
“I’m sorry,” I told him quickly.
I opened my mouth to speak again, but was interrupted by a furious looking Frankie.
She sat on Tristan’s other side, giving me a hostile look that I’d never have figured she’d direct at me.
“You okay?” she asked Tristan, her hand going to his arm. He nodded shortly, stood up, and strode away.
“When are you going to stop hurting him? When is it going to be enough for you? You wanted him punished, he’s been through hell. What more do you want?”
Part of me was livid about every word that came out of her mouth, but another part, the part that wouldn’t shut up today, knew she had a point. I had been punishing him, for six years I’d been punishing him, and it had gotten out of hand.
She stood, and I knew that it was to go after him, to make sure he was okay.
I stopped her with a grip on her hand. “I’ve got this,” I told her, standing. “You’ve got some best man duties to attend to.”
“Please, Danika. You don’t have to take him back, but please, just be kind to him. He’s been through enough. You both have. You’re hurting yourself with this bullshit, too, you know.”
I knew it. I let my eyes show her that as I nodded.
I found him walking aimlessly through the woods, somewhere between the wedding tents and the fortress of a building that James called a ‘house’.
“Tristan,” I called out loudly.
He froze. He didn’t turn around, just stopped.
I caught up to him quickly, grabbing his arm.
“I’m sorry I said that. It was an ugly thing to say, and I didn’t even mean it. You know how I am. I can never seem to keep things to myself, and sometimes they come out worse than I mean them.”
“You’ve been pretty good at keeping things to yourself for a very long time.”
My eyebrows shot straight up. He had a point. I had gotten better at holding my tongue, but I couldn’t quite decipher what his tone meant.
“That’s true. I’ve grown up. But what I said back there wasn’t grown up, and I’m sorry for that. I don’t have a grudge against you. I really have gotten over our…history together, and I think you’re right. There’s no reason that we can’t be friends again.”
“Thank you.” His voice was low and hoarse, his head tilted forward. Even in the semi-darkness, I could see that his eyes stayed on the ground.
There was something so defeated in his stance, something so hopeless in his voice, that I couldn’t seem to help myself; I hugged him. For comfort, for support. Whether it was for him or me or both of us, I didn’t dare contemplate.
I had to stand up on my tiptoes to get my arms around his neck, and that was with him slouched down.
He was stiff as a corpse for about ten seconds before he reacted, his arms squeezing me so hard that I let out a grunt as all of the air was pushed out of me.
He eased up, and I took a few breaths before relaxing into him.
My body seemed to take over, because touching him brought back so many sensory memories. We were a train wreck, he and I, but something about touching him had always just felt right to me.
I pressed into him, my face still buried in his neck.
He pulled back slightly, and I looked up at him. I couldn’t make out much in the darkness, but I knew he was looking down at me.
“Tristan,” I uttered softly.
He lowered his head until his mouth was a breath away from mine, and even then, I didn’t think he could possibly be going there. “Tristan.”
He moved his hands to cup my face, and at the corner of my vision, I could see that that they were trembling.
He tilted my head one way, slanted his head the other, and brought our lips together.
He kissed me.
A desperate, hungry, wild, make me forget the past and the future kind of kiss.
Most of my life was spent displaying a cool reserve to the world, my self- control assured and seemingly effortless. One brief kiss and the years dissolved, the past and the present merging into one singular thought that existed right now. And right now all that mattered was this connection, this sensation, that began at our joined lips and traveled down my body, igniting every last molecule of my being into a wildfire of sensation.
I snapped.
My hands clawed at his shoulders, my mouth ravenous on his. I’d always considered myself a good kisser, and I knew for a fact that Tristan was one, but there was no finesse in this. We simply took, and took, and gave in the form of clashing teeth and warring tongues.
His hands moved to my hips, lifting me high against his body. I’d longed for this body, this exact shape, every bend, bulge and curve of him all that my body needed. My legs wrapped around his waist, animalistic whimpers escaping my throat as his erection pushed hard against my belly, and, after I’d shifted just right, straight into my clit.
I knew he was walking, carrying me, but I didn’t care, just sucking at his tongue, biting his lip until I tasted blood. The sky could have fallen around our heads and I wouldn’t have cared. I wasn’t letting go of this; this mindless moment where everything felt like it had shifted back into place, and all of the wrongs were right again.
He tried to set me down, but I wouldn’t let him, my legs a vise around his hips, my arms locked around his shoulders. He pulled his head back, and I bit his neck, rubbing my torso into his.
“Please,” he whispered hoarsely.
That one small request had me pulling back just far enough to look at him. A bright lantern light shone down at us, and I took in our surroundings.
We were on the back porch of the ranch house, and Tristan was pushing my hips away from his, sitting me on the thick rail that ran the length of the patio. Confused and disoriented, I let him.
I swallowed hard, opening my mouth to say God only knows what when his hands shot to the hem of my lavender bridesmaid dress, yanking it up over my hips.
That effectively squelched my urge to try to speak.
We were rushing headlong into this lunacy, and I could worry about the mess we made later.
I wanted this, needed this like I hadn’t needed anything since I’d cauterized all of the joy from my life.
He pulled the dress straight up, flipping it all the way over my head until my arms were effectively restrained. I didn’t know, or care, if that had been his intent.
He unsnapped the front clasp of my bra, moaning and bending down to suck one quivering globe into his mouth. His hands fumbled with his belt and fly. He groaned, and I gasped as his freed erection sprang into my stomach.
Big fingers shoved my panties to the side, and the tip of him was pushing into me as he raised his head and took my mouth again. He didn’t hesitate, didn’t ask if I was sure I wanted to do this.
I was relieved, because a crash this brutal could handle no brakes at all.
He reared back, then drove forward, burying his cock in me with one hard stroke.
The world stopped as we took what we needed, what I’d been starved for from the very last time I’d been in his arms.
It was a frenzied mating, a swift coming together that took me to the fever pitch of ecstasy with a few rough, heavy strokes, over too soon, the perfect testament to our torrid love affair.
We didn’t move for a very long time after we finished, and more importantly, we didn’t speak. Words would break the spell. Words were reality. This was a stolen moment, and I wanted to keep it as safe from reality as possible.
My forehead had fallen to his shoulder at some point, and what felt like his cheek was pressed to the top of my head. He didn’t pull out, the only movement between us the aftereffects of his member still twitching deep inside of me.
We stayed like that for what could have been minutes or an hour. I had no idea what he could be thinking, and I was trying hard not to think about anything but the moment at hand, and the pleasure of being in his arms for this tiny foray of ours into utter lunacy.
It was the first impulsive thing I’d done in years, and boy was it a doozy. “Danika,” he finally spoke, his voice hoarse but soft.
I sighed heavily, pulling back. The spell was broken.
I couldn’t look him in the eye, and looking down was a no go, so I looked over his shoulder as I spoke. “Can you put my dress back on? We need to get back. We’re both in the wedding party, so I’m sure we’ll be missed.”
His hands moved to start righting my gown, and still he didn’t pull out. I would have tried to shift away, but I was afraid it would just lead to another indiscretion.
“Danika,” he said again, his voice very soft, and very sad.
God, it was flooring how just listening to that deep voice of his could captivate me. For just the sound of his voice alone, I could have stayed glued to that spot indefinitely.
I shook the thought off, calling myself a fool.
“I need a minute alone, if you don’t mind. I’m going to go clean up.”
He tried to kiss me, but I turned my head away. “My dress, please.” My
voice wasn’t sharp, in fact it was gentle, but I saw him flinch out of the corner of my eye.
How did he always do that? Make me want to take back whatever I’d said that may have hurt him, even after all this time.
Reason number one thousand why I needed to stay away from him.
We both gasped in a harsh breath as he dragged himself out of me. I clenched at him involuntarily as he pulled, and that seemed to drag it out, into an act of pure torture. His girth assured that he hit every nerve ending on his way out.
I cursed.
He pulled my dress back up onto my arms, then over my head, then my shoulders. His hands were gently caressing as he eased every inch of it back in place.
I didn’t look at him.
He still had his hips close, still between my thighs, even as he smoothed my dress over my back.
I felt him nudge back against my sex, seeking entrance again.
I don’t know how, but I managed to shake my head. We would not be going for another round, addictive as it might be.
I had to get off the crazy train now, not go for another loop. 18
I needed just a moment, to go be by myself and think. The sooner the better.
He stepped back, and helped me down. He let me go to tuck himself back into his pants, and I fled into the house.
The place had a ton of bathrooms set throughout the sprawling mansion, but I went up to my appointed guest suite, and used my private bath to clean up, then combed my hair, and touched up my makeup.
I stared at my dazed expression for a solid five minutes, wondering what the hell was wrong with me.
Was this some new sickness, or had the old one persisted, in spite of everything?
Or was this the result of mishandling the situation altogether?
How were we back to square one six years later, within just a few conversations?
Had that happened because we’d never learned to cope with sharing the same space? Had never having any contact at all just made us more susceptible to a screw up of epic proportions?
Had we only made ourselves more sensitive to the other’s presence, when what we’d needed was to be desensitized?
Was it just possible that there was some middle ground here? Some sort of closure to the romantic part of our relationship that I’d never pursued?
I had always thought of Tristan in terms of all or nothing, but clearly, that hadn’t worked. That failure was currently staring me in the face, and perhaps more mortifying, dripping down my leg.
I could admit that cutting someone that had become such an undeniably significant part of me so completely out of my life had been damaging to me.
It had stunted me. Stunted my happiness. Stunted my growth.
That was a fact I’d accepted long ago, in a resigned sort of way, seeing it as a necessary evil.
But what if it wasn’t necessary? What if it was only detrimental? Spending some rare time in his company made me realize something new.
I’d been so focused on the bad of him, of us, the bad of all that had happened, that I’d forgotten the good.
I’d lived the bad, existed with it every waking hour of every day, and some nights, in my dreams, as well.
Why shouldn’t I get a bit of the good?
What if, just maybe, I needed it?
What if it would help me close that chapter of my life?
Being with him was out of the question. A longterm romantic relationship was absolutely unthinkable. But a friendship? Hadn’t I moved on enough to at least give myself that small bit of comfort?
Didn’t I deserve it?




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R.K. Lilley lives in Colorado with her husband and their two beautiful sons. She’s had a lot of interesting jobs, from being a first class flight attendant, to being a stablehand, but swears she never knew what hard work was until she had children. She’s been addicted to both reading and writing fiction since she can remember. She loves to travel, read, hike, paint, game, watch anime, and make the most of every single day. She is the author of the erotic romance novels In Flight, Mile High, Grounded, and the novella, Lana.

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