Hmm…..what to write about ourselves……..wait…..there must be something……..hmm…..OH! Right! Lets start!!

We…The Divas….( Tina Landrum & Julia Gruendling, & Allison Tadiello ) are so proud to present our Baby…Divas Book Blog!

It all started out years ago with a mutual interest in music. ( Bless you Kings of Leon for bringing us together! ) After long talks about music we scooted over to other interest and found out that not only did we love the same band…..we shared the same love for books.
We figured out pretty quickly that we not only had the same tastes in books, but we also had the same urge to share our thoughts with each other  about what we read.

Our passion for books and music has made our friendship something truly special.

We want to give you readers / writers a chance to catch a good deal, interact with new people and have fun with us on this page!

If there is anything you need to know or would like to share, then please feel free to contact us ANYTIME via PM or Email at: alldivas@divasbookblog.com

And when we say ANYTIME we mean it. Due to the Atlantic Ocean and the nine hour time difference between us ( Tina- USA, Allison – USA and Julia- Germany) one of us will always be available! Woo Hoo!

Thank you for the support you have shown us so far. We will do our best to keep you highly informed and make your days / nights fun while spending time with us!

Much love from the States and Europe,

Tina, Allison & Jules


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