Divas Ratings – How do we rate a book?


Hello authors, readers and friends,

The Divas Book Blog have been seeing alot of confusion regarding the whole blogger rating system. Before we jump head first into explaining how we rate the books we´ve read, we´d like to add that we feel special enough to ditch the usual stars for ratings and turn it into champagne glasses. Why? Because we´re Divas. 🙂
Now….it´s really simple how we rate. We judge the cover and the story. We also consider the size of the book ( novella or novel ). And most important…we give our input on what kind of impression the book made.
The rating system resembles the typical school grading system. But instead of A, B, C….we give 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…with 5 being the best rating a book / author can achieve.

We´ve also noticed that some people believe a 3* ( or champagne glass rating ) is not worth much. That´s WRONG: People tend to forget that 3 out of 5 is still more than half, which is in our eyes still a decent rating. 1 or 2 champagne glasses are far more crucial. 🙂 * giggle*

Now, may we present our rating system?

pag_11mod 3 0025 champagne glass – Excellent! Must Read.

pag_11mod 3 0024 champagne glass – really good

pag_11mod 3 002 3 champagne glasses – good

pag_11mod 3 002 2 champagne glasses – not so good

pag_11mod 3 002 1 champagne glass – unacceptable, not to be recommended

See?  It´s not hard at all! 🙂

If there are still any questions about our ratings, please feel free to contact us via comment or email. 🙂

Much Love,

Julia, Allison & Tina xxx