A Dangerous Night with the Divas

Okay. So, maybe this wasn´t a dangerous night. It wasn´t even an eventful night either! But this is a subject that needs to be discussed. 

TBR lists.

Seriously? They´re impossible to manage. If you have a list with 10 unread books ( we know we´re being unrealistic here. TBR lists are MUCH longer!)….you get to read 2 out of the 10 and then CRASH BOOK BANG! A few authors release their books and your list doubles within no time. Surely….we aren´t the only ones with this problem.


* this is the TBR list that never ends…yes it goes on and on my friend…* ( singing the song ” The song that never ends” from Lambchops. If you have no clue about that song…click the link. It´s annoyingly cute)

Now since we all have a mile long list of books that need our attention…what would be the best solution to solve our problem?

Is there a cure for a TBR issue? Obviously….we all won´t live to be 180 years old….so how will we be able to read all those wondeful stories?

And why do we always skip our TRB´s and read something that wasn´t even on the list to begin with?

We´d love to hear your thoughts on the subject…

Much love,

Us Divas xx