This is unbelievable! OMG….People, where are you all? *sad* I was giving away books and other stuff the other day and apparently….nobody wants what we´re desperately trying to give away * sniffle *


Okay….we´re not ones to force anything upon you guys…but we thought this would make someone happy. ( we can´t get much sadder than we already are ATM)

We´re going to try this one last time * deep breath*


They´re for free. And they´re kind of ours, still. Lol. But since we´re not tooooo fond of keeping them we´d like to give them to someone who´d appreciate them more that we do.

WHOEVER WANTS THESE just leave a comment below. There´s no competition, no answering questions…nothing! Whoever wants these can have them. For free. We´ll send them to anyone who wants them! THE FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT WILL GET THESE !!!! If you only want one of the 2 then just tell us which one.

Please do not force me to give these books to my cousine. Seriously…she´s the only one who wants them and I´m not willing to give them to her because that noodle still has books she borrowed from me 4 years ago!!!!

See how desperate I am? Hahaha.


See those 2 books? Yeah. We can stomache giving them away. THE BOOKS ARE NOT SIGNED BY AUTHORS! They were purchased through Amazon and are as good as new!



11 thoughts on “FREE BOOKS, PEOPLE!!!

  1. if the swag is open to international yes i would be interested!! ( i would have loved the books as well but the first time i didn’t see it was international ç_ç) but believe me i’m appreciating you giving them away and i can only hope you will have a better experience a next time

    so thank you a lot! because you do deserve it

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