Kellan Kyle ( Thoughtful ) – S. C. Stephens ** NEWS**

This is probably no news to many of you, but for those newly won Kellan Kyle fans out there who have no clue what´s been going on, us Divas ( who were obviously NOT paying attention to this news either ) thought we might catch up on our ALL TIME FAVORITE rockstar / love triangle novel EVER!

Here´s a small excerpt from Thoughtful, Kellan´s POV from the Thoughtless series.  This is Kellan Kyle and his thoughts when seeing Keira for the first time.


Throughout our set, I kept one eye on the doors for Denny. He should be showing up any time. I wondered if he’d look the same—unruly dark hair that stuck up everywhere, short, skinny frame. I wondered what his girlfriend looked like. I kept picturing her as a petite blonde thing for some reason.

The song we were singing was a fan favorite, and everywhere I looked people were singing along. I focused in on the group in front of me. Propping a foot up on a speaker, I leaned out into the crowd, letting them touch me. It was complete mayhem, but the way they grinned made me smile. It was nice to be able to make people happy, even if it was for a really strange reason.

I was suggestively running my hand down my body when I felt something. It was the oddest sensation I’d ever felt, like lightning was about to strike and the air was charged with static electricity; even though it was warm in the bar, my skin was pebbled with goose bumps. I kept the majority of my attention on the girls clamoring for me to notice them, but I lifted my eyes to the doors.

There was a girl being led into the bar. Whoever was with her was weaving her through the packed crowd. I couldn’t see the person in the lead at all, and was only catching glimpses of the mystery woman, but it was enough. I saw hundreds of girls every night, some plain, some beautiful enough to be highly sought after cover models, but this girl…even seeing her through a crowd, there was something about her that sang to me. It nearly stopped me in my tracks. Mentally, at least. I was having difficulty getting the right words to come out of my mouth. I was sure I’d said those last two lines completely wrong.

Absolute swoon worthy, if you ask us. This just shows us that no matter how much time passes….Kellan Kyle still has the power to rule the book world. * sigh * Cover and release date haven´t been announced yet. ( such a bummer…)  But rumor has it that it will be sometime in 2014. 


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