The Education Of Caroline – Jane Harvey – Berrick

the education of Carlone

* We purchased this book for our own enjoyment *

Book Description

Ten years after their broken affair, Sebastian and Caroline meet again: this time in very different circumstances, against the background of the war in Afghanistan.

Now a successful journalist, Caroline meets Chief Sebastian Hunter, US Marine. Will this chance encounter rekindle the erotic madness of her passionate affair with a younger man?

Our Review

Here´s the thing….what didn´t sit well with me in book 1 ( The Education Of Sebastian ) was kind of forgotten in this book. The complete ” ooh, we´re having an affair ” theme was gone. Vanished! Which was a good thing because, like I said…it didn´t sit well with me. But that same little detail that bugged me before, wouldn´t let me go. I knew Caroline´s and Sebastian´s history, so it didn´t make the visuals go away, even if this story was way better than the first one.

10 years after their affair was broken off, Caroline and Sebastian meet again. And that too made me question this story. Why didn´t Caroline wait for Sebastian to turn 21 and put their suffering to an end? I mean….if their love for each other was so strong, surely Caroline could have waited 3 years to make him hers ( that sounds funny ) And as for Sebastian….well, he was 27 in this book. A mature guy who carried way to much anger with him ( oh, who would have thought? lol) When both ex- lovebirds meet up again, they had a bit of a hard time ( that´s to say the least ) But then everything kind of went pretty smooth once the couple reunited. From there on….the book was okay.

I´m not overly excited about this book because I thought it was predictable. Plus the beginning of the whole story hasn´t let me enjoy this book as I hoped it would.

It´s a little disappointing because this author has made me one big happy camper with her writing. Except for these two books. They were good. But not the type of stories that I prefer to read. Caroline and Sebastian just did NOT do it for me * sob *

With that being said…..I will still rate this book with 3 champagne glasses because of the writing style, and because this book was much better than the first one.

Would I recommend this book?
– Yes. I can see why this book would made many woman fall deeply in love with Sebastian and Caroline´s adventure.

Would I re- read this book?
– No. I´ll stick to re-reading Jane´s other books. lol

The Divas are giving The Education of Caroline 3 out of 5  champagne glasses

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The Education Of Sebastian and The Education Of Caroline can both be purchased through and UK


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