Kellan Kyle POV by S. C. Stephens confirmation!!

Let´s do a triple OMG!! No way! Unbelievable!

Author S. C. Stephens has stunned us speechless and made us hyperventilate with the little news she just released.


And how fitting the title will be..:-) Kellans book will be called Thoughful! Isn´t that just perfect!

Okay okay….she posted that she was 99.9 % sure she´ll publish it…..but that´s close enough for us to pop our champagne corks and fill our flutes!

Let´s celebrate!

Unfortunately…the author doesn´t have a release date yet. Or a cover.That´s not all that bad. We know it´s in the works and that´s all that matters right now!

Let´s raise our glasses and have a drink to wrecking our emotional household once again with this God-like man, Kellan!

To read more about what the author had to say about the subject just click the link below.

Have fun!

The EXCITED Divas…xx

thoughless series


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