Reckless ( Book # 2 ) – Jennifer Loren

Reckless Jennifer

* I purchased this book for my own enjoyment *


Reckless, the sequel to Finding Ava:
The decision seemed so innocent in the beginning, exciting even. How could I have ever known what was going to happen? How could I have ever know that someone could be so evil, so determined to destroy lives. I chose to ignore the advice of my brother and instead trusted – believed in friendship, believed in a woman I once loved. Now I am paying the consequences and living in hell and I have brought my family right along with me.

It all started when the rat entered our lives, and as should be expected – the snake followed.

This story dives deep into the making of the movie “Reckless”, and simultaneously takes you on a ride filled with sex, drama, disastrous sabotage, and battles of woman against woman and man against man. You will have to take a breath before you read this story because you won’t be able to take another until after it ends.

My thoughts:

Gosh. I feel like I´m ready to go smack someone. The whole story had me on my toes ready for the kill! Besides the really good story, I had one thing on my mind:
How to kill Sean´s friend / ex-girlfriend, Rebecca. O. M. F. G !! How an author come up with such an evil character such as Rebecca is beyond me. That woman made everyone´s lives in this book miserable! The things she did to finally get what she wanted was awful!! And Rebecca did a whole lot of stupid shit. Fuck….towards the end of the book, I was rolling up my sleeves and stashing away my hair to get ready to beat the shit out of her character.

Before I get myself all worked up again ( sheesh )…let me start with the story:

In Reckless, the happily married couple ( Sean + Ava ) seem to be happy until Sean gets a role offer to play in the movie Reckless, a movie Sean was really looking forward to work on. One night…Sean and Ava go out to celebrate and meet new / old friends and then BAM! The terror begins.

Sean and Ava find themselves getting involved with Sean´s former best friend, Joel, and also his ex- girlfriend and NOW Joel´s wife, Rebecca. ( was that confusing? Do not hesitate to ask any questions about that…lol) When it´s settled that the four will be spending alot of time together, Joel and Rebecca move into the Grant´s pool house. From there on…..they made it their mission to ruin / rip apart Sean and Ava.

Jesus Christ….there´s only so much a couple can endure! Rebecca cheated on Sean with Joel way back. And now Sean and Ava were still welcoming the awful couple with open arms into their home. How bitter sweet is that?! Sean never saw any harm in letting old friends stay in his home…but Ava wasn´t to happy about it. ( D´uh! )

Now…what did the dark souled visitors do to Sean and Ava? Dear God…where to start? Well, first of all….Rebecca obviously wanted Sean back for selfish reasons. So she openly flirted her ass off with Sean, right infront of Ava. Plus Rebecca made Sean doubt his wife. What the hell? First off….if my own husband doubts me….that would be it! He never believed frustrating. The list with things Rebecca and Joel did to Ava was long and cruel, and near the end….I flipped my top! Rebecca had it in her to make Ava lose her unborn child! That scene and all the characters in that scene handled that situation pretty calm. I would have killed that BITCH! Off with her F**KING HEAD! And the worst part for me was when Rebecca tried to use Ava´s child. Uugh…that was a tough scene to read about. When Ava asked Rebecca to look after her baby girl, I was screaming : ” NOOOO, dumb ass! Take your kid with you! Don´t leave her with THAT ROTTEN BITCH! “. It wasn´t a secret that Rebecca hated Ava and Seans kid…* closing eyes / hoding ears / singing loud * and she didn´t care what happened to her either. So awful. But also so exciting! Those scenes made me hate that BITCH more.

The complete books is unreal, or course…but just imagining a person like Rebecca could be running around somewhere in the world just gives me the creeps.

In Reckless…these characters get tested on so many levels. Damn…my patience was also tested, but I happily survived.
Will Sean and Ava out-smart the evil couple? Or will they go seperate ways because their love can´t stand a chance against Rebecca and Joel?

It was a long torturous road for Sean and Ava…but in my opinion….it was worth it! Their love was stronger than ducktape!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to torture themselves with an emotional angsty, catchy, and addictive lovestory!
Reckless is a perfect addictive book that will stay with you forever!

The Divas are giving Reckless ( book # 2 ) by Jennifer Loren 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!

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