A Beautiful Wedding – Jamie McGuire

a beautiful wedding

I must say…..Beautiful Disaster ( # 1 ) and Walking Disaster ( Book # 2 ) are books I have on my Kindle AND on my bookshelf. I thought they were worth having double. When A Beautiful Wedding arrived at my door I was out of it and started to read Jamie McGuire´s new novella.

Okay, besides the fact that this novella was pretty short, I thought it was good. Not over the top fantastic, just good.

This book shows us what happened shortly before their runaway Vegas wedding, and what happened after Pigeon and Travis were husband and wife.

How did the two end up getting married in the first place? And what motive did they have besides just loving each other?
How was married life for the craziest couple on this planet? Can their marriage stand a chance at their young age?

All the answers are in this book.

There is no way in telling anything about this book without giving anything major away.

I believe the author could have turned this book into something more big and make the story MUCH more exciting if she wanted too. I mean….Book 1 and 2 were packed with drama, love, obsession, heartbreak, etc and this one wasn´t to spectacular. There were a few new scenes ( insight on what we missed out on in book 1 + 2 ) but nothing that knocked me over. A reader gets to see how the ceremony went, how they felt before and after, and read about the heavy guilt they had to deal with regarding the last fight Travis had that killed a few college kids.  

For me….well, I was a little disappointed. Not much with the story. But with the price. In my opinion, this novella was too expensive. This story has 142 pages and cost just as much as the first 2 which were much bigger.

Hardcover – $ 9,49  ( 10,90 euro )
Kindle –      $ 10,84  ( 7,89 euro )

Since I live in Europe….I paid 10, 90 euros and that is around $ 15 for a book with 142 pages. Now, I know I could have not bought the book, but I skipped the info about the page amount and just bought it.

Would I say this book wasn´t worth the 10, 90 euros? YES! Sadly….I have to say that compared to the first 2 books, this was expensive. I paid the same money for less to read.

With all the negative aspects, I´d still say this book was good. It was a nice and decent companion to the stories before. Nothing more…Nothing less.

I would say that this book is a MUST READ for all die – hard Travis Maddox fans. For those who just enjoyed the books might be a little disappointed with this one.
The Divas are giving A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire 3 out of 5 champagne glasses.

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2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Wedding – Jamie McGuire

  1. I agree 100%. It isn’t thatexpensive here in the states…but I felt it could have given a bit more. I still love Jamie McGuire, she is phenomenal. I just felt as though this story was lacking. I had always hoped that if she continued the story I would be able their future life. The one from the epiloge in walking disaster.

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