A New Face To Love ( book # 2) – Mandee Mae **REVIEW**


* I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

A New Face To Love by Mandee Mae is the second book in her series and, to my surprise…..it was also a little better than the first one. Now, you´re probably asking yourselves why I started the second book even though I diliked the first book, right?

Well….as is it with many books in a series, a story usually gets better. In this case…it was better. Not nearly as good as I hoped it would be…but good enough to like it more.

This book was Caleb and Jamie´s story. Well no…..not really. It was Caleb, Jamie and her long forgotten love high school love.from back in the days, Gerrit.

Gerrit made a promise to Jamie at graduation that he´ll always love her. And then he just left. After many years, Jamie hasn´t thought about her past love and found herself buddy sexing with Caleb. What she didn´t know was that Caleb loved her and he wanted to be with Jamie.

When Gerrit pops into the picture, Jamie´s little world is turned upside down. She then has to make a choice between the man she once L.O.V.E.D and the man she thinks she loves now.

In this book, the author made it clear that Jamie and Caleb only shared the bed and the couch and a friendship. They ” scratched the itch” every now and then and things never became complicated. Well…..that was until Gerrit showed up.

Caleb kind of  fights for Jamie and Gerrit strongly holds onto what he once had, leaving Jamie in the middle of the mess.( Note: what did they once have? I read about it….but I couldn´t see it. ) Jamie makes some poor choices through the book and finally makes a decission.
If you ask me…..I think no one has the right to disappear into thin air and then come back after a few years and still claim his love for a woman. Not like in this story. I was def. thinking : ” What the…..” !!!! Another thing really had me pissed was that when Gerrit revealed himself as Gerrit…the net day, he was sitting in Jamie´s livingroom, massaging Jamie´s feet. THAT screams psycho!!

Again….I felt nothing in this book. No angst, no love…nothing. The characters had AGAIN no personality and I had a hard time coming to terms with the formality they all exchanged. The only…….( yes, this was the only thing!) I loved about this book was the end. ( Not because I was finished reading )….nope. Towards the end, where Jamie made her choice, I felt like the complete story had made a major breakthrough!! The way she went to Caleb and Gerrit was FANTASTIC! I´m serious!! When that scene came….I was all of the sudden filled with emotions and I was happy to see both mens reations! And then the feelings left me again. The story still had a few pages and I didn´t really want to know the rest.

The complete story was a bit more catchy, but it still didn´t knock me off my feet. It´s sad because there was potential for a great story, but the author decided to take a different path. Which is totally fine. It just didn´t do it for me.

I´m giving A New Face To Love by Mandee Mae 3 out of 5 champagne glasses.


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