*GIVEAWAY* Winners!!!


It´s Monday and we have winners!

Thank you

to everyone who participated in our GIVEAWAY. We had alot of fun reading all the comments and you all made it almost impossible to choose winners!

We will be sending out emails throughout the day for email confirmation.

And now……Let´s hear some squealing….okay? 🙂

Jane Harvey – Berrick

*Dangerous To Know & Love – dragon 20077

* The Education Of Sebastian – Jodi Marinich

*The Education Of Caroline – Veronica

* Dazzled – Daniela Rodriguez

*Dazzled – Christie A. Johnson

*Dazzled – April Jamison

* Dazzled – Melanie Pollnow McClure

Jodi Ellen Malpas

*Keepsake Trilogy – Jenn Manno

R.K. Lilley

* Bad Things – Adrean Garcia

Jessica Hawkins

*Swag Pack – Mary Preston

Tara Sue Me

* The Training – Angela ( @zoangig)

C.J. Roberts

*Captive In The Dark – Allison K

Monica James

* I Surrender – Katharina Vo

Samantha Towle

* The Mighty Storm – Laura Lovejoy Brunk

Jennifer Loren

* The Devil´s Eyes – Esmeralda Lange

Kitty French

* Knight & Play – tkelso 425

* Knight & Stay – Jay Bual

Mandee Mae

* Distant Myles – Kasie Hopper

* A New Face To Love – Tara Smith

Jacelyn Rye

* Surrender To Fate – Clarissa Vaught

* Surrender To Fate – Jamie Wadowsky

* Surrender To Fate – Kimberly Chapman

Aleatha Romig

* Consequences Series – Amy Muscat

Thank you! 🙂

Much love,

Julia, Tina & Allison xx


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