Knight & Play ( book # 1) – Kitty French

knight and play

*I purchased this book for my own enjoyment*

My first thought after I ended Knight & Play ( book # 1) by Kitty French, was: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. In all honesty, how could this book be so short and why did it have to end with a deadly cliffhanger?!

Of course, I´m not blind…I saw how big the book was before I started to read. I knew this book wouldn´t take me 5 nights to read. So, why was I surprised when I finished reading? Because I was far to excited! I wanted more from these characters! More from the authors writing style.

I loved this book! The story was something new ( well….at least it was new for me…) and just perfect!

The plot was great! The fact that the author chose to let this story take place in good old England and NORWAY (!!) was fantastic! Hardly anyone knows about Norway and the idea to make it just as romantic, majestic, and truthfully beautiful ( it is really beautiful up there..just say´n..) made my day.

Sophie is a young, beautiful woman with everything a woman can ask for at her age. But everything doesn´t include happiness. She hates working for her sleezeball boss, and she sees her , once happy marriage, chrushing to pieces before her eyes. While Sophie´s husband goes on a long ” important” business trip ( and screws around ) she starts applying for jobs. And what do ya know……Sophie Black gets a job as Mr. Lucien Knight´s PA!! And she´s in for a huge surprise! The sexy looking Lucien turns her emotional household upside down and makes her doubt her whole life!

CEO of Knight Inc. Lucien has the looks, the money and and sexy ass attitude to take over anything and anyone he pleases.( on a side note: that guy rules the damn sex industry!!!! * wipe sweat off forehead!* And when damsel in distress walks into his office to apply for the PA job, he´s taken away by her shyness, boldness and desperation and determination. Lucien knows Sophie has what it takes to be his PA, but he also sees a mission in the young woman and wants two things.
Justice and to make Sophie find her true self! But for what does a man want justice for when he has nothing to do with Sophie and her life?…This is the part where I tell you to buy the book!!!

Sophie kind of knows her husband is cheating on her, so she decides to go with the flow and have a little fun herself. She has fun, she has AMAZING sex, and she notices some massive changes in her life.

I´m telling you guys…this book is it! The story was catchy, captivating, spicy, heavenly and sexy as hell! The sexual ride Sophie goes through is one hell of a ride, if you ask me! That woman gets introduced to the sex world by the hands of Lucien..and boy does he make even the dirtiest thought sensual in a way you couldn´t imagine!
Even if this book was way to short….there was enough sex in it to make anyone horny and happy!

I got to see a semi-prude Sophie learn the ways of sexual fulfillment and I also got to meet one of the best book boyfriends ever!! Lucien Knight! ( Jeez, what a sexy name!)
But what happens when the dream ends and everyone has to return to their normal lives? How does that work?

That´s for me to know and for you to find…..All i can say is that the end will surprise you and will piss you off! I was so mad. ( in a good way mad…) The cliffhanger the author left me with was bad! How could she do that? I hate cliffhangers! This book was one of the worst ones. You know the kind that really makes you want to know how the story continues? That kind of cliffhanger! I was desperate. I still am!!!!!! ( Yes, I´m shouting out of pure

Knight & Play is a beautiful lovestory with a sexy side effect that will make you fall in love from the beginning until the very end!

Would I recommend this book?
– TOTALLY!! To absolutely ANYONE who loves fab written stories with good sex!

Would I re-read this book?
-you can bet your arse I would! lol

And that is why the Divas are giving Knight & Play by Kitty French 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!

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