Rewired ( Progress series # 3 ) – Amy Queau


** The Divas Book Blog received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Rewired is the third and final installment in the Progress series and I am once again speechless. This book ( No…scratch that….This series!!) was so unpredictable and unbelievable.

I found that this book wasn´t a lovestory in the classic way….but a lovestory between friends who helped each other through good and bad times. Was there a theme to this book? Yeah…there was. And it´s called loyalty / compassion.

Rewired picks up right were the second book ended. With Charlie hopping in Jesse´s car, leaving her Fiance behind to get some answers, and find the truth behind all the bullshit Jesse had put them through. Not only did Charlie give something good up, she walked right into something that made her life more complicated than ever. When Charlie leaves Sam behind to be with Jesse, her own emotional world gets turned upside down. Could she help Jesse? Was he hers to fix in the first place? Was there ever a chance for Charlie and Jesse to become a couple? Was it love they felt for each other, or was it just not wanting to be alone?

Charlie and Jesse´s journey isn´t an easy one, but you get to see the ups and downs of a life held captive by mental illness.  What was unclear in book 1 and book 2 was what made Jesse be the way he was. In Rewired….I felt that things weren´t going to end up good for Charlie. But thank God that woman was strong enough to get through everything…especially what Jesse handed to her. And that was just awful at times. I also saw a small love triangle in this book. Which was really great. But the author made a point out of sticking to the story and keeping the drama level steady. Lord knows Jesse was enough to deal

I felt for Charlie ( allthough I often didn´t share her opinion or like her decissions regarding Jesse ). She was such a trooper and never gave up on Jesse. Jesse was more of a twisted personality that wanted to be free from his emotional crisis. Poor guy was confused, hurt, and he also had absolutely no clue how to approach anything normal. And then there was Sam. By God, the poor guy was just as determined to straighten things out as Charlie was. Sam wanted his Charlie back. But is he strong enough to understand the ” why´s ” of Charlie´s behavior?

I will say it in this review ( as I did in the reviews I did for book 1 and 2 ) that dealing with a person who suffers from mental illness isn´t a picnic. And it´s more of a life conquest if someone makes it their mission to help someone who suffers. The way the author told this story was fantastic and actually very believable. It wouldn´t surprise me if this series was based on true facts ( Thats how real everything felt )…..but I could care less if it was. It was simple….easy to read, and just one of the best books I´ve read in a long time!

What started of to be a heavy emotional, totally screwed up love affair, turned out to be the most heart-warming, beautiful relationship anyone could ever imagine.
And….may I add that I have shed so many tears at the end of this book? Yeah….you have no clue how long I cried towards the end of Rewired. * sniffle * ….but luckily….they were only happy tears.

Amy Queau is such a talented author who was brave enough to write about a touchy subject such as mental illness! And if anyone appreciates a good story with tough feelings, then you´re at the right place!

Would I recommend this book / series? YES YES YES!!
Would I re-read this book / series ? TOTALLY!!

I thank the author, Amy Queau, for giving the DIVAS BOO BLOG the opportunity to read and review this series. It was SO worth our time!

The Divas are giving Rewired 5 out of 5 champagne glasses + 6 thumbs up!!


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