Character Interview with Gretchen & deleted scene from the Cityscape Series by Jessica Hawkins

image      Hello everyone! after tracking down the ever busy Gretchen! We, Divas had the pleasure of  having a little chat with her and giving us some dish on the ever lovely couple, David and Liv!  We also put Gretchen in the hot seat about the sexy Brian Ayers…. Swoon!

So please let us introduce every girl’s best friend, Gretchen! So I’m just going to jump right into the questions and I’m sure you are all dying to know!
DIVAS: What were your true feelings when you discovered Liv had fallen for the edible “ahem” I mean eligible Bachelor David Dylan?
GRETCHEN: I was concerned. I’d heard of David Dylan, and I’ve def met my fair share of playboy bachelors. Now that I know him, I can tell you he’s a rare find. But most guys like him are real dicks. Sorry, can I say that on here?

DIVAS: Ha Ha! We’ve heard worse!
DIVAS: It is nothing like having your best friends support when making life changing decisions so, if you have to do it all over again what different advise would you have given Liv?
GRETCHEN: I wouldn’t really change anything. Liv’s so freaking happy now, and she might not be if things hadn’t gone down this way. I guess when she agreed to marry Bill, I would’ve told her to consider it more… but maybe she had to learn that lesson, you know? And I’ve found that meddling in other people’s relationship is usually a mistake. That is, unless the circumstance are dire, like they were when I called David to go get Olivia.
DIVAS: The Call!! You know the Divas have to ask and we all want to know. what did you say to David?
GRETCHEN: I told him the truth, which was that I’d never seen Olivia – or anyone honestly – in such a bad state. She can be self-destructive, but never like that. She was so deep in herself that she couldn’t see the solution right in front of her eyes.
Of course, I had to check that David was for real. I wasn’t going to send him there without knowing beyond a doubt he loved her. David sounded so beaten down when I called him. He didn’t say it, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking he couldn’t take any more heartbreak. It took some convincing to get him to agree to go to the apartment because of that… like, I think he thought if he went, Olivia would deliver the final blow. Which, I know now, she did. Thank God she came to her senses right away.
But, anyway, I knew he was in love, and not just because he told me. Liv was sinking, and it felt like the last chance to get to her before she drowned. So I told him to go to her. To put everything on the table and tell her the truth – about Oak Park, and about what exactly he wanted from her.
*Flips hair over her shoulder* I was right, obviously.

DIVAS: We couldn’t agree with you more!

DIVAS: Okay, I want to switch gears for a minute. And put you, Gretchen in the hot seat. Two words BRIAN AYERS! Honey you know he was a HAWTIE why the cold shoulder? I would have melted when said hello.
GRETCHEN: Well, Brian snubbed me first… I thought we were having a great first date, but when I went in for the kiss, he pulled away. It was so seriously awkward, Divas. That never happens to me. Instead of being mature about it, I decided I hated him. Ha! Truthfully, I was just hurt. And once he explained it all, I understood.

*Diva Allison  takes sip of a Dirty Martini*

DIVAS: Lastly, inquiring minds want to know! Ah! Hell we want to know is there any deleted scenes you would like to share with us? As you have figured out we hang on EVERY word!
GRETCHEN: Listen, Jessica warned me you would ask for one and she told me to say no. But, because I love you, I had Brian hack into her computer right before I came to meet you.

DIVAS: *Gasps* You sneaky Diva! And we love you.
DIVAS: By the way Amazing outfit! What are you wearing?
GRETCHEN: Thanks! The top is Chloé. For those who can’t see, it’s a sheer, tea rose pink chiffon button down with long sleeves. My slacks are taupe, high-waisted and wide-leg. By Gucci. Lace nude bra and matching boyshorts by Agent Provocateur… huh? Too much info?

 DIVAS: No worries hon!  We love Agent Provocateur!
DIVAS: Thank you for you time in the Divas corner it was a pleasure. We definitely have to have drinks some time soon.

GRETCHEN:  Girl, you know I would. But… it’s not a good time. Ask me in 7 months.

DIVAS: *Sighs and smiles* Will do


I yawned and opened my eyes, letting them adjust to the night. I inhaled the salty air, heard the roar of waves hitting the shore in the distance. Miami, I remembered. The arms around me tightened as David sighed into my hair. “You okay, honeybee?”

I nodded into the pillow. “That wine earlier dried me out. I’m going to grab some water.”

“I’ll get it,” he rasped but remained where he was.

I kissed the underside of his jaw, smiling as I listened to his breathing even out again. I eased out of his grasp and downstairs toward the kitchen. Just as I hit the bottom step, I heard Gretchen’s voice and paused at the entryway to the living room.

“You’re a kook,” she said.

“You’re bossy,” said a male voice.

“You’re pretentious.”

“And you put on a front.”

I held my breath and peeked around the corner at Gretchen and Brian, who sat face to face on the couch in the middle of the night. They stared at each other, blue against blue, eyes narrowed with determination. Just as I was preparing to break up their quarrel, they started laughing.

“Am I really that bad?” Gretchen asked.

“That’s what I’m wondering.”

She rolled her eyes and shoved his shoulder. “Am I?”

“I think there’s a lot more to you than you let on. I also think I might like what I don’t see better than what I do.”

She looked at her hands. “That’s not very nice.”

He studied her a moment. “Pardon my language, but I won’t ever bullshit you, Gretchen. If there’s anything you can count on me for, it’s the truth.”

“So then tell me what happened that night.”

His eyebrow arched. “Which night? You mean our first date?”

“First and last,” she pointed out.

“You’re still upset about that, I see.”

“Upset?” she asked through what I recognized as a forced laugh. “I’m not upset, I just, like, I’m curious – ”

“You know you’re beautiful.”image

Gretchen stilled, her mouth still open.

“There’s no denying that,” Brian continued. “But in my line of work, I have to do a lot of schmoozing. I’m constantly at galleries, openings, parties, what have you. All I see is perfect hair, flawless makeup and expensive clothes.” He took a deep breath, his eyes scanning her face. “You’re part of that perfect, flawless scene. I need a woman who’s real, someone who’s comfortable without any of that.”

“I can be comfortable,” she bristled.

There was no mocking in his answering laugh. “Somehow I doubt that.”

Her bottom lip protruded slightly, and I watched his gaze drop to her mouth.

“I’m teasing,” he said with a soft smile. “I hope I’m wrong about you, actually. But our first date, you put up a shield with me.”

“I did not put – ”

“You did,” he cut her off. “You don’t even realize when you’re doing it. You didn’t tell me anything I couldn’t find out by asking Liv or by Googling you. You wouldn’t stop checking your cell phone, and I suspect your multiple trips to the bathroom were to comb your hair or re-apply your lipgloss.”

She frowned but said nothing to deny it.

My eyes widened when he pushed off the arm of the couch and inclined toward her. “You know what I want?”

Her response was a soft, unintelligible noise.

Brian leaned slightly closer and took a few of her blonde strands between his fingers. “I want a girl whose hair I can run my fingers through. A girl,” he paused, and his eyes dropped to her lips, “I can kiss spontaneously without her yelling at me for smearing her lipstick.”

Her posture wilted. “I wouldn’t yell,” she said breathily.

There was a moment of deafening silence as they looked at each other. I realized I’d been holding my breath but didn’t dare risk making a sound by releasing it.

“I didn’t kiss you back because I respect you,” Brian said, lowering his hand from her hair, “not because I didn’t want to.”

“Respect me?”

“If I kiss you, I want it to be the real you.”

“So you’re saying . . .” She paused and seemed to search his eyes. “You wanted to? Kiss me?”

“Yes, princess,” he said, but he inched away and leaned back against the arm again.

It was the first time in a while I’d seen her look so flushed. Her eyelashes batted a moment before she spoke. “I think I should go to bed.”

“Stay,” he said without hesitation. “Talk with me.”

Her hand rose to her lips, and she bit her thumbnail. “Really?”

He nodded.

“All right,” she said slowly. “What do you want to talk about?”


She giggled and rolled her eyes.

He pushed his hand through his own fair hair before grinning. “But I suppose we must start somewhere. So let’s start with you. Tell me more about the real Gretchen.”

I smiled to myself and shook my head as I turned and tiptoed up the steps. Deciding against a glass of water, I made my way back to David’s warm arms.

*** You want to know more about The Cityscape Series by Jessica Hawkins it is not to late to stop by the blog tour***

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  2. Pingback: Character Interview with Gretchen & deleted scene from the Cityscape Series by Jessica Hawkins | Divas Book Blog

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