Dazzled – Jane Harvey – Berrick




Another FABULOUS book by one of my all time favorite authors Jane Harvey Berrick! Dazzled was such a joy to read. If you´ve read the authors former books, then you´ll probably notice that this one was  different. And it was still fantastic! The humor in Dazzled had me rolling on the floor or had me snorting alot ( so unlady like..lol, but I didn´t care)

So, Dazzled is a Young Adult book about two british friends who grew up together and basically stuck to one another throughout the complete story. In good and in bad times, right?

The good looking Miles Stephens leads a simple life. He´s a good actor with the worst self-esteem EVER and had little success in acting until he lands a roll in a movies and moves to the states. And of course, his childhood friend Clare had to tag along because both couldn´t seem to live without each other properly. There was just one tiny problem….Clare was totally in love with the TO DIE FOR good looking Miles.
NOTE: This is really not your usual lovestory. Don´t get me wrong…its a lovestory. It´s finally something different and it has so much new flair to it. I´ve been waiting since Dangerous To Know & Love for something new and NOW I found it. Even from the same author! Just shows how awesome Jane Harvey Berrick is! lol….

I laughed so hard while reading this book. But Dazzled also evoked some serious anger in me. I wanted to knock Miles on the head so many times for his poor choices. And poor Clare. I truly felt sorry for her through the whole book. Every thought she had would have been mine. I absolutely adored her. As for the other characters…..I enjoyed them very much. It´s quite hard to dislike anything an author does extremely well.

When it comes to the sex in this book, you won´t really get anything window fogging hot, because……it´s still a YA book. But I was totally happy anyways how they ended up in bed. It was right for the characters and for the complete story. I´m not going any further with the story because it´s just to good to spoil anything else. All you actually need to know is that it´s just one hell of a story and you need to read it for yourself.

“One day I’m going to buy you your own chocolate fountain – and then I’m going to dip my dick in it and see how much you really like chocolate.”
( I really enjoyed reading that one….* giggle….NO….I´m shamelessly laughing!* )

ANYWAYS…..You just simply cannot compare Dazzled to any other book by Jane Harvey Barrick. This book is maybe alot different than what we know from the author….but I´d say it´s 100% just a fab as the others are!

Would I recommend this book? YES YES YEEEESSSS!!!! Read it….you will really enjoy Dazzled. THAT I promise you.
Would I re-read Dazzled? haha….You can bet your ass I will !

The Divas are giving Dazzled by Ms.Fabulous, herself… Jane Harvey Berrick 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!
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author FB:https://www.facebook.com/jane.harveyberrick?fref=ts

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