The Devil´s Masquerade: The Poison ( The Devil´s Eyes # 4 ) – Jennifer Loren

the poison

OMG! I was totally enchanted by The Devil´s Masquerade: The Poison by the A.W.E.S.O.M.E. author Jennifer Loren. If the other 3 previous books were gut-twisting…..then this one was anxiously infuriating. I enjoyed every second of the angsty feeling I had from the first page to the last.

I didn´t know there was anything that could tear Nick and his Kayla apart….until….Dennis Savage decided to make it his mission to destroy the couple and make Nick Jayzon ( oh, by the by….who is also the devil´s grandson…) his.

The feelings I got while reading this book were outrageous. I felt my heart beating fast after every chapter and I wanted nothing more than for Nick to go all super scary bad/good guy on his grandpa´s ass. This story made me nuts ( in the best way ever! ).

Can the enemy take over and destroy a bond that is unbreakable?. In this book….It sure can! When Savage wants something….he will go to extremes to get it. And in this case…he was on his way to take control over Nick to complete the destiny that was planned for the Savage family. Nick was to take his place as the demon he was supposed to be. With his ability to eliminate anything that got in his way, Nick was born to be at the devils side. But was that what Nick wanted for himself?

Nick was aware of Savage and his plans, but wanted nothing to do with them. His love and devotion for his wife, Kayla, and his two sons was the only thing that kept Nick in the right place, and with only that….Nick was the richest man on earth. When Nick found out about Savages´ major plan to take over the unisverse, Nick was determinded to fight the evil that was seaking him out. But unfortunately without success. Savage gets his sticky little claws on Nick and leaves Kayla, the kids, and many others confused behind. How could the man who protected his biggest priority just drop everything and leave? How could he stop loving his equal within a few moments?

Haha….Thats for you guys to find out! I was so ready to attack at that moment. The frustration I felt was unbearable and I wanted to beat the crap out of the situation. No….scratch that…..I wanted to beat the whole book up!

I´m telling y´all…..the heartbreak and the agony I felt for some characters was so heavy, it felt like my own. Eli, Kayla, Ryan, Nick, and even some family members from the ” dark-side” were such a joy to read about and to see what they had to struggle with.

Can Kayla´s love save Nick from becoming the ultimate evil? Will both be able to win against the greatest evil facing this earth? I sure as hell hope so! If not….I might have a nervous breakdown!

With this book being the 4th in the series….I kind of thought there wasn´t much more an author could come up with to keep the complete story interesting enough. I´ve read enough books to see major differences between this series and others..for example: there was NO constantly repeating the dialogues, trying to fill in plot-holes, and desperately trying to capture a readers attention by focusing on just one topic ( may that be from sex to emotions or any other subject you can imagine)…Jennifer Loren balanced everything perfectly. There was enough of everything, and for a reader to want more. A very very tricky thing to manage, but in my opinion….turning a romance into a paranormal romance (with still a very realistic edge to it) AND keeping the speed of the story at an increasing pace, the author nailed it.

Now, what about the outcome from all of the twists and turns of events in this story? The author really made a point of making you WANT to read the next book. You will want to read the next book ASAP! The ending was spectacular. I loved how there was a reason given to fight….fight for Nick, for the good, and for justice. Oh, and by the way…..there was one character in this book that I loved just as much as I do Elijah and Nick…and that was Kamini. She was something odd but yet totally cool and gave the story another unique touch to it. A must have in the Devil´s Eyes world.

Since I obviously cannot get enough of the book / series / author…´s not a surprise at all that this book will receive a fantastic rating..:-)
Read, Read, and READ this book…..damn….read the series!!!! You´ll love it!

The Divas are giving The Devil´s Masquerade: The Poison ( # 4 The Devil´s Eyes) by Jennifer Loren 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!!

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