I Surrender- Monica James Blog Tour

🙂 Here it is, people! The Divas are hosting a Blog Tour for our lovely friend Monica James! Her debut novel I SURRENDER will be released July 30, 2013 and the Divas Book Blog are so happy to have this chance to promote her womderful work! I Surrender is a YA, Romance that will keep your eyes glued to your kindle, ebook reader, or whatever gadget you might have in hand! Or you might get a copy as an actual hardcover! Woo-hoo!

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The Blog Tour starts on August 7-16 and will have multiple stops every day! 🙂

“AVA!” damn this woman is like a pit-bull. I turn and see V waving over uncontrollably for me to join her and Lucas (I hope that’s Lucas!) Sighing, as I feel they have exchanged enough saliva and the coast is clear for a repeat performance, I walk over. My heels are too high, and it takes a while for me to get to them. Why does this feels like the walk of shame? I know V has told Lucas all about me, and I suddenly feel self conscious.
However, before I can process another thought, my breath catches in my throat as I look past the doting couple and see the biggest pair of cerulean eyes observing me curiously. With a strong angled jaw lined with light stubble, he is gazing at me with his head cocked to the side amusingly. But OH MY GOD with that face that is undoubtedly out of this world, his dark brown, almost black hair sits in a frenzied, wild mess. It’s longer on the top, with shorter sides and he’s running his long fingers through it, tousling it further. Holy Fuck! Who is this person with the untamed bed hair?
While trying not to stare and be too obvious, I trip (damn these heels) luckily catching onto the bar for support. OhMyGod! Seriously kill me, like now!”

Bully ( Fall Away #1) – Penelope Douglas


Bully ( Fall Away #1) by Penelope Douglas was another refreshing and new read for me! I had a blast reading this book from the first page to the bitter last! First…the cover got me really interested ( I´m a total sucker for black & white cover pics with an additional color). And the first few pages made me wanting this story to never end.

What did the title of the book tell me? I really thought this book was about a lovestory that was based on a guy who was a total bully 24 / 7 to anyone who crossed his path and that a girl could change his ways….NOT! How dumb of me to even think that far! Anyone who starts ” Bully ” will be in for a brutal emotional twist. I´m telling you…..I was starting to really feel for the characters in this book. Ever heard of the phrase ” Kids can be brutally mean”? ( or something like that…) In this book…..one character was mean as shit, making only the life of a poor girl hell. Sounds good yet? Naah…that doesn´t sound so great, but let´s start out with the story.

Jared and Tate were childhood friends until one day, after Jared came back from visiting his father for summer break, their friendship changed from being inseperable to full blown hatred. Three years later…..Tatum decided to go to France for one whole year to study and leave all her messed up life behind. Tatum was more than happy to escape the bullying from her once best friend, Jared, and maybe live a normal life without having to go through humilliation, hurt, and tears any longer.

When Tate returned from her France trip, things seemed to change. She still felt uneasy knowing Jared would probably wait for her so he could keep with his bullying, but Tate changed. And not only with her appearance, but also with her actions. She was determined to fight. To go against the hell she was sent through. Even though she had no clue why she was the only one on Jared´s bully list, she was set on finding out what it was she did to him that made him hate her so much.

Jared had one goal….and that was to make Tate´s life miserable. But also never letting anything dramatic happen to her. What Jared didn´t know was how bad he messed Tate up with his actions. No one besides Tate´s best friend K.C. had seen first hand what Jared emtionally did to Tate. He ruined her social life and made Tate want to hide everytime he would appear.The once clingy relationship Jared and Tatum had was over.

Now….you don´t really believe that, do you? If that were the case…then this book would have been pretty short. Thank God it wasn´t short. I loved this book. I loved the fact that the author took a major known problem ( bullying) and created a story that not only included the reality of brutalism, but also turned it into a true lovestory! A Lovestory that will make you want to cry / sigh / laugh / and hold your breath with the character.

I loved Tatum. She was just a simple and normal girl who never did anything majorly wrong in her life. Especially nothing to make Jared hate her to death. Reading about what she dealt with was devastating! I myself was never bullied at school, but I got a pretty picture perfect idea on how Tate felt. Even when she changed and decided to finally fight back, I really knew how she felt. The way she handled situations was at times amazing and made me proud.:-) ( yes….I was proud of a fictional character, so shoot me. lol)

I hated Jared. Of course…the guy had it all. Good looks, hot girls sticking to him like gue all the time, the bad-ass attitude ( but still kind of friendly..). He was the type of guy you didn´t want to mess with. He decided what was done and not. But his specialty was giving Tate hell on wheels for no reason at all! He treated her like shit! There is no other way to describe his behavior. He ruined Tate´s life by creating and spreading nasty rumors about her and he enjoyed it! You could even say he got off on it. Which is pathetic.

Tate was constanly searching for the boy who was once in Jared.The boy who never left her side and helped her through tough times. But he vanished over night and that broke her. The moment Tate fights back is where the ugly, unpleasant parts are partly over and the fun begins. I was glued to the pages. THAT`S how good the story was. One moment I thought Tate was good to go…BAM! Another humilliating moment hit her in the gut. And that´s how it was through this book. Never a moment of piece for the characters too long. lol

Can Tate reach out and find the boy she once knew in Jared again?

Why don´t you find out for yourself. * evil laugh*…

The direction this story took was great! Like I said above…I loved it. Bad mean boy Jared turned out to be a shreaded soul and, despite the fact that he was an ass-hat to Tate, I really felt for him. He wasn´t so God-awful after all!

The end of the book wasn´t a total surpise situation….but if you had to go through the crap Tatum went through…then you would also want to die when you receive your final humilliating prank. One that is not funny at all! But I can tell you that Tate´s actions towards the end were magnificant!!! I totally loved her there! lol….( Bad-ass Tatum!)

” Bully ” was a fantastic gut-wrenching read and will haunt me for a long time!

The Divas are giving ” Bully ( Fall Away #1) by Penelope Douglas 4.5 out of 5 Champagne glasses!