MUST READS from the Divas!

Ladies and Gent´s……

May we present…..OUR list of our favorite must reads this year! Okay okay….the year is not nearly over….but what the hell…:-) we have so many favorite books…we´ll have to make a few

NOTE: All of these books have been reviewed by the Divas Book Blog and are kind of MANDATORY for all who love romance, erotica, mature adult 18+, and of course YA / NA twisted love stories that never seemed to let anyone have any rest until the story is over!


The List of all the heart breaking, devastatingly, truly gut twisting, AWESOME, fun, totally enjoyable, super steaming hot sexy books:

Midnight CallerNJ Cole

Dangerous To Know & Love – Jane Harvey-Berrick

Taken By You – Carlie Sexton

Eyes Wide Open – Raine Miller

Come Undone – Jessica Hawkins

Come Alive – Jessica Hawkins

Epilogue – CJ Roberts

This Man – Jodi Ellen Malpas

Breaking – Claire Kent

Love Love – Beth Michele

Down London Road – Samantha Young

Lick – Kylie Scott

Not Your Average Joe – Nell Carson

Complete Me – J. Kenner

Inevitable – Angela Graham

Taken By Him – Red Garnier

Entwined With You – Sylvia Day

Jack Stone Wild Justice – Vivien Sparx

Close-Up And Personal – JS. Taylor

Progress – Amy Queau

There´s more to come……so be on the look-out, y´all!