This Man ( Book #1 This Man Series) – Jodi Ellen Malpas

this man

If I could give Jodi Ellen Malpas a big fat hug….I would never let her go! This Man ( Book #1 This Man Series) by Jodi Ellen Malpas was actually MY MAN! ( Naah, just kidding…lol) Dear God….where to start?

I have been one happy camper for the last few hours when I finished This Man. This book was your typical love story, romance, EROTICA ( yes, I am happy about that…don´t judge….lol) and I am obsessed with it ( that rarely happens!) The book cover caught my eye right away and the title was short and got me interested. Just perfect enough to make me want to read This Man right away.

I loved the story. The way the author created the events, the way she displayed them, and let´s not forget the characters! Jesus! What would I give just to have my very own Jesse! * sigh* He was everything and so much more! I mean it. I´ve been on the look out for the perfect book boyfriend and I found him in This Man! All my very personal fictional affairs were bundled up in Jesse! Jesse Ward is wealthy, charming, manly, handsome, broken ( not so sure why I fancy that…but hey, no one´s jugding me, right? and I can safely say ( so glad no one can find me!) that Jesse can be compared to Christian from Fifty Shades. But then again…..then two men can´t be compared at all! Some might say that Jesse is kind of mega obsessive….but I´d rather say Jesse has a rather unhealthy form of passion when it comes to the one thing he wants. Ava.

Reading about Ava O´Shea was such a delight! I fell in love with her from the very start and that love grew throughout the whole book. She was a normal woman and for that I truly thank the author! I´m not complaining about insecure, full of doubt, and broken women….not at all! Ava was just a much needed refreshing breeze in the book world. Just plain and simple. I liked that alot.

So, the combination of a broken guy and a normal thinking woman was fantastic! Another maybe less important fact about this story was that the names finally matched! No, I haven´t lost my marbles yet. lol. I tend to feel uncomfortable when names don´t seem to fit the characters. ( don´t ask why….)..Jesse and Ava were a perfect fit!

The story was a damn long read! But I can also say that it had not one boring moment in it! Every page had me wanting more and THAT my dear readers….was more than I could ask for! I had a lot to do when I started this book, but I just couldn´t put the darn book down!

What happens with a man who is on a mission to get what he wants no matter what? And what happens with a woman who knows that this man will bring her nothing but heart break?
I can tell you! Something very toe curling and lip biting and ripping eyes wide open plus a lot of brath holding happens…to the readers…* giggle*

Would I put This Man in the ” What to read after Fifty” category? Maybe. I personally think no book can compare to Fifty Shades…..But this will get you just as hooked. THAT I promise.

I loved the authors writing style. It was easy and fun. Jodi Ellen Malpas did an excellent job and I had a blast reading this book. As for the Erotica parts…..hmm…my lips are sealed. lol…..All I will say is that I just wish I had a Jesse locked up in my basement until my dying day! * nodding with closed eyes and smiling*.I would die a happy woman! hahaha.
This Man made my top 5 list!

You really need to get this book. I am pretty sure that you will without a doubt, LOVE and ADORE this book and everything else!

The Divas are giving This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas 5 out of 5 Champagne glasses! And 5 more for the erotic scenes….( wipe sweat off forehead)