Jack Stone – Wild Justice by Vivien Sparx

Jack Stone pic

I accidentally stumbled upon Vivien Sparx on Amazon one day with her, Her Master’s Kiss series and am absolutely delighted I did!  Her books are short reads but always deliver a powerful and entertaining story that you can’t put down and keep you craving more!  Once again, she has delivered with her new book and the first in her Dark Master Series, Jack Stone – Wild Justice.

A quick synopsis… When the gorgeous and mysterious stranger, Jack Stone arrives in the remote desert town of Windswept, Arizona he stirs up a lot more than curiosity and finds a lot more than he expected.  From steamy encounters with a local woman with dark needs only he can satisfy to explosive and dangerous encounters with the evil hiding within the small community; Jack will change this town and the people in it forever!  He is determined to find the answers he is searching for and will stop at nothing to get them!

Jack Stone- Wild Justice by Vivien Sparx is a MUST read!  She has managed to beautifully combine erotica and action together to form an amazing story for both men and women to enjoy and I, personally, cannot wait to find out what happens next in Jack’s journey.  The Divas give Jack Stone – Wild Justice 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!

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