Out Of Breath ( #3 Breathing Series) – Rebecca Donovan

out of breath

THANK GOD this series is OVER! I am so happy I do not have to endure much more unhappiness. Out Of Breath ( #3 Breathing Series) by Rebecca Donovan finially gave me what I´ve been waiting for! A happy ending. * sigh*…….

In the first books Emma Thomas had hell on wheels and lived a very caved in / cocooned life. First being tortured to death, then living a good life afterwards but being haunted by her early demons, and now in Out of Breath……Emma was literaly out of breath from all the drama going on in her head and her life.

This book wasn´t less dramatic compared to the others. I´d say it was just as frustrating but this time….the story had more fire to it.
When I started to read this book I was getting ready for another round of depression. Emma left Evan before college started because she didn´t want to hurt him anymore. But when Emma is in California without Evan (the man who was more than cut out for her !!) and without her best friend Sara her life wasn´t any better. It got worse. Emma starts drinking alcohol and being totally reckless just so her pain would go away ( let´s not forget…..she made the choice to leave the good people behind!! so in my opinion..it was her own fault she felt like crap) Who the hell goes around kissing strangers just because she want´s to feel something? Well….Emma did. Her whole screwed up world of not letting anyone close to her and all was beginning to choke her so Emma decided to live a little.

With a little help from her new friends, Emma gets a little closer to a new guy, Cole. Cole is a great guy and Emma treats the poor man like dirt ( that´s her way of saying ” no thanks, not interested”…) While still crying after Evan ( again…it was her own fault! Emma left him. Not the other way around!) she still felt she had to try something new. ….Eventually, both Cole and Emma get a little closer and find that they could work together as a couple. Until……..

HAHA! Evan is back! I was so happy to read about him again. I loved his character! He was all goodness and understanding and just…just…the perfect guy! A man who got angry and a man who knew how to make a girl feel precious. When Emma dumped him in an ungodly way ( No…..no one runs off like she did! NO WAY!) she left Evan with a whole lot of questions he wanted answers to. That´s when he decides to find Emma and just get the information he needs to move forward with his life. And guess what? Evan and Cole now each other! The world is really a village..:-) Everyone meets and the fun begins. Emma´s world gets flipped upside down once again and she is confronted with her past and so much more. And when I say more……I mean a dump load of emotional clusterfucks!

Will Emma fight her demons? Can Evan forgive Emma for leaving him? Will Emma ever find happiness in her screwed up life? Will love conquer all?

Hmm…..well, I was being honest when I said that the third installment in the Breathing Series was the best. There were a few moments where Emma annoyed the hell out of me with her constant need to stay alone just because she thought she wasn´t good enougb for anyone. When a person or character acts like that, you feel kind of depressed yourself after a while. lol. I refused to understand why Emma felt so damaged after she left Evan. She acted as if he was the one who left her. That was very annoying too. Even if I can totally understand that Emma was a broken soul…I still didn´t like her character. There is only so much a person can go through without getting professional help. I get that some people in the real world would / could act the same way Emma did….But these people seek out help now-a-days anyways!….

With that being said, I thought her act was whiney, depressing and just not normal. All the other characters in this book were great. I liked the new characters and I was happy to see the ones from the presious books again in Out Of Breath. After reading about the emotional back and forths, I was really close to give this book up too. I just didn´t see the happy ending, I was so eager to see, coming. But the author probably felt sorry for me and all the other readers.lol. There was a happy end…But with who? That is for me to know and for you to find out! * giggle*

The last quarter of the book was really good and not what I had expected. I really enjoyed the pace towards the end. It was fast, understanding and really good for my own soul ( I was on the edge of becoming depressed myself! lol).

I can assure you that this book will frustrate you, make you sad, give you the chills at times, and it will also make you want to help Emma. Out Of Breath will make you want to scream and shout, and it will make you happy at the end. If you liked Reason To Breathe and Barely Breathing…you will love this one.

The Divas are giving Out Of Breath by Rebecca Donovan 4 out of 5 champagne glasses.