Interrupted ( Book#2 -Progress Series) – Amy Queau


I thought it couldn´t get any worse. Oh boy, was I wrong. Interrupted ( Book #2 Progress Series) by Amy Queau gave me the worst emotional ass-kicking ever! The first book ( Progress ) was a beautiful and torturous read…but this one made me feel like someone slapped me across the face! Interrupted started off right where the last book ended. With Charlie leaving Jesse. And thank God she really did leave him.

I´m not saying it was the right choice……but in that moment, Charlie felt the need to leave and move on with her life, knowing if she stayed….they would never be able to break free from the disaster they created. Jesse leaves and Charlie thinks she´s the one to blame for Jesse´s departure. ( aaah….yes, I also think she´s the right person to

With Jesse now out of the picture, Charlie decides not to dwell on the past and move on. The poor woman was ruined enough for two life times anyways. When one fine day… old friend from college shows up at The Crimson Cellar to pick up pizza and notices the now to skinny Charlie. They never were bff´s in college but Sam ( the new hot guy..*grinning big over here!*) always had a special spot for Charlie. And still does! Charlie on the other hand struggles with the fact that Jesse left and isn´t really interested in diving into another relationship that might end up breaking her worse. Thank God Charlie collected her wits and agreed to go on a date with Sam!

HA! Let me tell you something…..normally, I´m the type to dwell on old stuff too, always thinking about the ” what if´s” and the ” should´ve, would´ve, could´ve ´s….but in this case….well, actually while reading this book, I was totally ready for Charlie to find some permanent happiness in her life! After all that poor woman went through, she really deserved some light at the end of the tunnel. And that happened! She developed feelings for Sam. She actually loved him. * still grinning people!*….Charlie took her life in her own hands and started to live.

Finding an apartment and another job, she was ready to make some new memories instead of reliving the old ones. Sam turned out to be the perfect guy and Charlie felt all the good things in life…

….until the disaster began once again. Of course, I should have known the cruel author would wipe my fat grin off my face. As if fate didn´t like Charlie being happy, the poor woman had to go through some brutal situations. I sobbed…..I was really bawling my eyes out at some scenes. The author has an uncanny ability to make you feel what Charlie went through. Amy Queau put so much effort in the dramatic scenes that I could actually visualize them perfectly. The heartbreak, the loss, the love Charlie felt was devastating! But Sam was always there for her. Standing by her side and never leaving her no matter how bad life got. * sigh*

Despite the fact that I had strong feelings for Jesse in the first book, I didn´t miss him WHAT SO EVER! Not after I saw what Sam was able to give Charlie. A stable relationship.
And then BAM! BOOM! PANG! He´s back! Yes, Jesse decides to come back to town and get in touch with Charlie again. My first thought was: ” Oh just stay away! ” .There was catastrophe bound to happen….and it did happen! Charlie was ripped out of her normal life and sucked back in the past. Back to Jesse and his bipolar disorder. Charlies world was turned upside down and she started to question her choices, her relationship with Sam, and Jesse. Could it get worse? Yes. It could. And it did.

I was emotionally drained once again. * I´ve stopped grinning….I´ve got no reason to anymore*…….All the good Charlie had going on was going down the drain and Jesse could´ve cared less. All he wanted was Charlie back. That made me mad. How dare he come back and try to plant mysery in her life again?

But was Charlie really miserable seeing Jesse after so long? Did they resolve their unfinished business? Or will she give him a propper ass-kick and end up marrying Sam?

Haha….I couldn´t even tell you that even if I wanted too. I don´t know the answers to those questions either, because the author decided to end this book with the most devastating chliffhanger ending EVER! So, there will be a third book!

All I can say is that I highly recommend Interruped to anyone who is into romance! Gut wrenching, awfully torturous and never ending worrying is written big in this book! I will promise you that this book will not leave you alone for a whle! You will love it and hate it! You will want more.

The Divas are giving Interruped by the amazing Amy Queau 5 out of 5 Champagne glasses…