Truly, Madly, Deadly – Hannah Jayne

truly madly deadly

I must admitt….I´m not a fan AT ALL when it comes to reading thrillers. I can´t really handle psych-thrilling-mysteries……Naah. Not my thing. I really like to sleep at night, Thank you very much! 🙂 My thoughts were: ” Okay… a little mystery in a book won´t kill you, Jules…knock it off and start reading!” So, I started reading because, in my case, curiosity got the best of me. THANK GOD ” Truly, Madly, Deadly” was a short read! It was spooky. And at times…I was scared. This book is considered to be a YA novel ( I only think it´s called YA because it has teenagers in it). I would really rather see this book in a different category.

Besides the creepy parts, I wasn´t blown away from the story. Truly, Madly, Deadly was predictable ( which is a totally turn-off for me) and it didn´t make me want to re-read the book when I finished it. I was actually glad it was over. I´m not saying the story was bad… just wasn´t what I expected it to be. Now you´re asking yourself what I expect in a book like this one? Well…..when I saw the cover, I had goose bumps. That´s good because any good cover can do that to me. It just has to be attractive to me. And this book cover was cool! The title captured my attention right away. So….maybe I just got my hopes up to high on those two facts.

When Sawyers abusive boyfriend dies in a car accident, a wave of relief washes over her. No one ever knew that the abuse even existed and Sawyer was glad to keep that secret to herself. Until one fine day…..she receves a message in an envelope about her boyfriends accident with a note attached to it that only has ” you´re welcome” written on it. ( now that´s spooky! I would have died on the spot!)

After that…..the guessing begins. Who is it? Who could it be? For me, I didn´t guess for long since I kind of figured the book out pretty fast ( again….this was a total fast read!)

The story was dark and some scenes were really great, but something was missing for me.

If you´re a sucker for thrillers….then you won´t want to miss this book! And if you´re not that into mystery solving, angsty and frustratng thrillers, I wouldn´t recommend Truly Madly, Deadly at all. Not even if you want to kill time.

The Divas are giving Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne 3 out of 5 Champagne glasses.

Progress (book #1 Progress Series) – Amy Queau


I came upon Progress by Amy Queau a few days ago and I am so happy I started this book right away! The title interested me because it was simple but still it said enough. And the story was touching. ” Progress” was heart breaking, devastating, and so real. The main theme of ths book was romance….but I´d rather call it torturous / painful romance! lol…..I loved it.

Progress starts out with Charlie, a young woman who lives in her parents basement at the age of 23. Charlie is a woman with bigger issues than anyone would expect. She´s the type of girl who had a hard time during School, because of her being fat, and she´s also the type who is completely understanding. She´s insecure and of course…..Charlie is still a virgin. How much more pathetic can her life get?

Well, it gets a whole lot more pethetic when she meets Jesse. A co-worker from the Crimson Cellar where both work at. Charlie believes she doesn´t have a chance in Hell getting involved with the good looking Jesse. With her being fat, who would really want her? That´s what Charlie thinks. Jesse sees something in Charlie that he can´t quite comprehend, so he decides to be friends with Charlie. And since Charlie has huge issues with men, she´s more than fine becoming his friend. Even if she secretly wishes for more to happen. What Charlie doesn´t know is that when her other co-workers warn her about the handsome Jesse, they´re telling the truth!

Even though Charlie struggles with her own demons, is she able to handle what Jesse has to offer? Can he give her what she needs? Will Jesse be able to jump over his own shadow to be with the woman who haunts his mind?

I know I know…..y´all are probably thinking..” Been there…..done that…read that story…”. I can say that you haven´t! The author did something very tricky with this story and, in my humble opinion, she did a fantastic job! Writing about manic depression isn´t easy. And it sure as Hell isn´t easy to write a story where both main characters have a shit load to sort out for themselves. What I also loved was that the author displayed broken souls in different lights. Charlie had her problems, but she had therapy to help her. Jesse also had his own package to carry, but he only took the help of medication….and that only sometimes. Dealing with depression isn´t a picnic. And if you don´t seek out for help, you might destroy others more than you destory yourself! That´s what happened in this story. Charlie fell head over heals for Jesse and Jesse did everything a guy shouldn´t do to a woman who was already broken. He was this reckless guy who was an emotional wreck. One day he would say the sweetest things to Charlie and the next day he would insult her to a point where her past catches up with her…making her the puddle of mess she was once again. But they´re still friends. She figures out pretty quick that something is not right with Jesse and she tries to help and sometimes stay away. I really felt awful reading about how he managed to crush her and then he´d apologize. You could say the guy had a split personality. But the only issue with that was that he had a hard time figurng out what was going on in his head. He wanted to make things right for Charlie… be good and all….but things kind of slipped at times.

A constant emotional back and forth that didn´t help the poor woman any bit. And still, she stayed friends with him…..still wishing for something to be real. Hoping for a chance to get to know more about Jesse and his feelings.Just when things got better, I was wishing for Jesse and Charlie to find a way to be together. So, you could say that I was crushed as well when something good turned out to be something sad.

I couldn´t have stayed friends with Jesse even if someone paid me too ( not kidding, people!) I would have had panic attacks too if he would have pulled off that two face thingy on me. * heavy sigh*.. I still must admitt that I cared for him dearly. I understood him ( even if I don´t suffer from depression..) and I can say that I would have beaten his ass to a therapist 🙂 I loved the scenes where he gave her the sunflower….( you really need to read this book, that scene was soooooo sweet) and I loved the scene when he gave her a CD……Those were the short moments where I truly believed he had so much more to offer, but needed help to follow through!

Charlie…..well……allthough she was this fragile person…..she seemed so strong. That´s what I loved about her. Charlie never let Jesse down. Even when he verbally abused her….she was always there for him. So much has happened in her young life and still….she was able to smile. That signals a strong personality for me!

The author did her homework well on the depression subject. Never have I read a book where mental illness was so well told. And never have I read a story about 2 people who were practically broken and yet tried to stick together in the most best way ever! Devastating, but still fantastic!

This book deserves a special rating….but since we don´t do that….. I hope everyone will settle for a normal

The Divas are gvng Progress by Amy Queau a 5 our of 5 Champagne glasses