Not Your Average Joe by Nell Carson

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You know you’re reading a great book when you give up precious sleep so you can finish it!  I adored this book so much I couldn’t put it down!  I always love a good Cinderella story and I love it even more when the “Cinderella” is a strong, outgoing, hard-working woman!

Jennifer Wright had everything going for her as a young adult.  She had a loving family, was excelling in school, and was in love.  But one night changed everything for her.  Winding up pregnant without the support she was depending on, Jennifer finds herself alone and heartbroken.  Over the years, she works hard to create a life she can be proud of for herself and her son.  Everything is going well for Jennifer until,  six years later, her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Jared Brickman comes back into her life.  As heir to the Brickman family company, Jared, the internationally known playboy, pops into her work pretending to be someone else for a reality TV show.  She recognizes him immediately but he doesn’t remember who she is.  As she is forced to work together with Jared aka Jason, she begins to see glimpses of the boy she used to love.  Weighing different options and scenarios in her head, Jennifer has to make a decision on if she should come clean to Jared or leave him in her past.

Any book I can’t put down gets an automatic 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!  Not Your Average Joe by Nell Carson will be available for purchase August 1, 2014.  You can pre-order it now at:

Tear You Apart – Megan Hart

tear you apart

Due to my lack of interest, I decided to put this story aside when I hit 54%. I was really hoping for some sparks, or even a little tension to pop up during the first half of the story…..but I just couldn´t read it to the bitter end. I swear…..I really tried. But this book started out so depressing with nothing remotely pleasant and that stretched through out the first half. It bored me to a point where I just couldn´t take anymore.

I pictured the characters very melancholy and totally unsatisfied with EVERYTHING…In my eyes I saw Elisabeth as a very hard woman with not much to offer, other than seeming depressed. Not an enjoyable character. And for the way she saw things…..I just wasn´t convinced. Not even when it came to the scenes where tension should be spelt in capital letters! I could have understood Elsabeth being unhappy with her marriage and all….I was just expecting her to have some more emotions. To show maybe some or any feelings.

I felt that this book was being forced onto the readers. And at times it seemed that the unimportant things ( such as discribing a complete apartment, including the color and size of every pillow case ) were the authors bigger concern than the actual emotons. There are only so many things that should be put into massive detail.
The writing style from the author didn´t do anythng for me either. It was slow and draggy. I´m not saying the book was God awful…….That wasn´t it. I´m sure there are enough women out there who appreciate the authors style and this book. I didn´t.

The story felt dark and quite dull to me.

I am aware that this review isn´t an actual review since I only read half of the book. But there are just some things that need to be said. I still believe this book deserves a few words, but no rating.