Lick – Kylie Scott


Evelyn Thomas has one wild night in Vegas, celebrating her birthday, and ends up getting married. When waking up the next morning with a major hangover she cannot remember one thing. Evelyn even had problems remembering who the man standing infront of her was who put a ring on her finger. When relization hits her, she wants nothing more than to get a divorce and go back to her well planned life. Meaning: Go to college, walk in her father´s footsteps and become an architect, work for a few years and become a mother of 2.4 kids.

That thought became a distant dream when she noticed a name tattooed on her behind. Evelyn was ruined. Little did she know that the man she married infront of an Elvis impersonator was the one and only rockstar David Ferris, guitarist of one of the most wanted bands on earth! But knowing that doesn´t make any difference to Evelyn. All she wants is for life to go back to normal. When both decide they made a mistake, Evelyn and her BFF make their way back home from Vegas. Thinking Evelyn would find a way to figure things out whle being in her comfort zone, she finds out that the craziness from Vegas followed her all the way back to where she lived. Paparazzi were everywhere, asking questions about her marriage to David right next to asking her about her new tattoo. Right then and there…..she had to fix things so the madness would end!! The famous rock God, and Evelyn´s new husband, David sends his bodyguard to rescue Evelyn and flies her back to L.A to get the divorce rolling.

Once David and Evelyn are reunited, Ev starts getting second thoughts about splitting up. But can a releationship grow knowing that only one side of the happy couple can remember that said night? Is there any hope for David and Ev to even find happiness?

” Lick” by Kylie Scott was one of the most enjoyable reads I´ve had this year. The story was new and refreshing. I loved how ther author made her characters seem realistic. Nothing about getting married in Vegas isn´t new or special, but the story line……the fact that Evelyn, a womanly sized young woman with a simple background, got drunk on her birthday, married a rockstar, and had a huge blackout the next morning was fantastic! I laughed while reading some scenes and I actually felt for Evelyn when things got tough. All of the characters ( especially Mal, the drummer from band Stage Dive) were fun and they were easy to fall in love with. The futher I read, the more I was wishing the two main characters would actually find their “Happily Ever After“!

This book had a lot of chaos, love, angst, anger ( oooh, I loved it when David got angry….Hot….that was so hot!!!!) and it had painful moments where I was really wishing I could thump some characters on the back of their heads!

All in all this book was worth much more than a 5 star rating! The idea was grand and I am truly greatful I read this story! “Lick” is an absolute MANDATORY read! I loved loved LOVED this story!

The Divas are giving ” Lick” by the amazing Kylie Scott 5 out of 5 Champagne glasses

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