The King – J. R. Ward Cover Reveal

the king

The moment we´ve all been waiting for! The cover reveal from J.R. Wards next book in the BDB Series is out! But what´s this? If we divas are honest with you guys……we are a little confused about this cover. Or maybe confusion is an understatement.

We have one question….Who is the guy on the cover supposed to be? Wrath, the bling King? If so……Then where the hell are his wrap arounds? Where are his sleeves? Btw…..the throne is kind of not Kingy like.  And did the Warden decide to turn the King into a surfer boy with blonde hair?  Or maybe…..the blind king can see again!!!!  Okay….that was more than just one question…* giggle*

Oh we´ve also thought that maybe the author has totally forgotten how Wrath looks like! He was a shadow of a character in the last couple of books, so maybe she sees him differently now. Who knows. But at least that would discribe the cover guy choice. THAT guy in the cover looks like Fabio Lanzoni ( remember the guy back in the early 90´s….the one with the long blonde hair who kinda looked like a pimp?)

Has anyone ever thought about the fact that maybe the cover guy isn´t Wrath?

Maybe the guy could be Xcor? Or maybe another throne snatcher?

Either way……the divas are absolutely hating being kept in the dark! Who the “§$& is this guy supposed to be?

This cover is not matching with the other covers from the series. We hope the author will decide to change it……


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