Cover Reveal for Come Together by Jessica Hawkins

Should Olivia go with passion or stay content and live a stable life?
There are some serious issues to iron out and hopefully COME TOGETHER by Jessica Hawkins will give us some peaceful nights! Roll on September 19, 2013!

What a tasteful cover for a book! 🙂 We love love love it! xoxo

come together cover

Death of a Waterfall ( Hayden Falls Saga #1) Kara Leigh Miller

Death of a Waterfall

Death of a Waterfall by the lovely Kara Leigh Miller was such a delight to read! I felt like someone sucked me in the story, chewed on me, and then spit me out again. And the feeling I had when I finished the book ( it´s not a great feeling, really!) just won´t let me go!

When I first read the title I thought someone would die in a waterfall. After that….I thought about the movie The Last Mohican with Daniel Day Lewis. Remember the scene when one of the Monroe sisters jumped off the cliff near the waterfall because her love was killed just minutes before? ( that was some dramatic move, I´m telling you!)
So….ANYWAYS…where was I? Oh yes….Death of a Waterfall. The scene I imagined wasn´t nearly like this story. AT ALL!

The young college student,Teghan, lived a very exhausting life. Living her life to always please others who are close to her, just so no one would be unhappy. That kind of behavior comes with a high price. Meaning: Teghan doesn´t know how to live a life on her own, without others from her family making decisions for her. And of course, all the decisions are only for Teghans own good. Living with a father who is more than an obnoxious ( let´s not forget the term `control freak` ), Teghan has to find ways to live her life to where she and her father are both comfortable with a situation. The only two right choices Teghan made was dumping her boyfriend Alex and deciding to live in a dorm. Oh, but don´t think her life was easy after that. Teghan´s ex, Alex, can´t seem to leave her alone and makes a point out of trying to get her back, since that´s what everyone else wants. No one understood why Teghan left the suffocating / smothering perfect Alex ( oh I do!) . Rob Jacobs ( Teghan´s father) was set on bringing the two back together, because he had this sick vision of a perfectly controlled life. And if that meant Teghan would stay unhappy with the perfect guy, then Rob was more than okay with that.

And then….BOOM! Teghan falls in love with Alex´s roommate Donnie and wants to start living free. Free from Alex and free from her old ways. After a whole lot of drama, Donnie and Teghan end up dating secretly ( they don´t want to hurt anyone´s feelings….oh boo hoo! ) and Teghan is happy! The feelings she starts to feel while she´s around Donnie give her life a new meaning. When Teghan´s dad meets her new boyfriend, he is anything but happy and wants to prevent their relationship to get anymore intense.
TO LATE daddy. lol

When Teghan gets pregnant with Donnie´s child all hell breaks loose! I´m telling you people……this book wasn´t funny! It was a gut wrenching,/ tummy in knots story! I was constantly rooting for Teghan and Donnie, but the chances for them to live their happily ever after were almost down to zero. No one approved of Teghan´s choices and batshit crazy daddy went to extremes to turn things back to picture perfect again.

There were scenes in this book that made me want to hug Teghan and tell her everything will be okay. And then I had some trouble understanding her and her actions. But given what happened to her and Donnie, I couldn´t blame her for doing anything stupid or reckless.

This book was filled with strong emotions and even stronger actions. Alot of scenes made me want to call the cops ( I know I know….the thought is soo stupid.)
This book just shows you that money has power and that love can´t survivie all the bitterness life has to offer. Or can love survive? I know I have absolutley no clue because of the pretty damn good ending…..
That´s another issue I have with this book. It has one of the worst cliffhangers EVER! When I finally got settled into my already damaged side of the couch, I hit a freaking blank page!! AAAAARGH! The end had me so mad that I wanted to hunt the author down and cover her in honey and then dump a sack of feathers over her! 🙂 lol
But other than that…..I really loved the story. It was a dramatic- fun read and I really can´t wait for the second book to come out!

The Divas are giving Death of a Waterfall 4 our of 5 Champagne glasses.

The King – J. R. Ward Cover Reveal

the king

The moment we´ve all been waiting for! The cover reveal from J.R. Wards next book in the BDB Series is out! But what´s this? If we divas are honest with you guys……we are a little confused about this cover. Or maybe confusion is an understatement.

We have one question….Who is the guy on the cover supposed to be? Wrath, the bling King? If so……Then where the hell are his wrap arounds? Where are his sleeves? Btw…..the throne is kind of not Kingy like.  And did the Warden decide to turn the King into a surfer boy with blonde hair?  Or maybe…..the blind king can see again!!!!  Okay….that was more than just one question…* giggle*

Oh we´ve also thought that maybe the author has totally forgotten how Wrath looks like! He was a shadow of a character in the last couple of books, so maybe she sees him differently now. Who knows. But at least that would discribe the cover guy choice. THAT guy in the cover looks like Fabio Lanzoni ( remember the guy back in the early 90´s….the one with the long blonde hair who kinda looked like a pimp?)

Has anyone ever thought about the fact that maybe the cover guy isn´t Wrath?

Maybe the guy could be Xcor? Or maybe another throne snatcher?

Either way……the divas are absolutely hating being kept in the dark! Who the “§$& is this guy supposed to be?

This cover is not matching with the other covers from the series. We hope the author will decide to change it……

Rock My World – Sharisse Coulter

rock my world

When I read the title, my first thought was ” Hopefully another Rockstar book! “…..And I was right. *smile* But Rock My Work by the very talented Sharisse Coulter wasn´t your typical teenage romance with ” to die for” sexy rock Gods. This was actually a more realistic and mature version of a rockstar world. Nothing was picture perfect and there was some real trouble in paradise. There wasn´t really anything to complain about, since I´m a huge fan of halfways realistic stories. Rock My World came pretty close to the real deal in life.
I had a break from all the drama overload happening around 16 – 23 year old characters and I had a chance to read about a rockstar life with characters in their mid 30´s. Not that I´m complaining about the other YA books out there. I´m really not. I was just surprised to read about older characters and the way they handled things. Love can be tough at times when you´re actually in love with someone. But has anyone ever thought about characters who have been in love with each other since high school, about how their lifes would be after being together for so long? And what about those characters having a child? People have other issues to deal with at a certain age… and if a teenager is involved you´ve got a whole lot of thinking and worrying to do.

That´s where the story starts out. Jenna had it all until one day, she became pregnant during high school. Her life gets turned upside down! She marries the love of her life and lives a picture perfect dream. Married to a Husband who is on the road of fame, and having a teenage daughter, Jenna lives a life anyone of us could have.
When Jenna wants to surprise her Husband for their anniversary she bumps into a situation that changes her whole life!

I will stop right here before I start ranting on about the story. What I really enjoyed about this book was that it was simple and also a quick read. I read it within two nights and I was left happy at the end! I had alot of ” Oh, that just did not HAPPEN!” moments, and of course, I was riding the emotional wave here too. There were many situations where I was just saying ” Noooooooo!”. I couldn´t believe the things that happened in this story. ( it´s always bad to know stuff that isn´t right between couples). And I personally would have dealt much differently with the situations..but thats just me.

The characters were true and human. If you´re looking for devoted love, happiness, sorrow, betrayal and anger……you´ll really enjoy this book!

The divas are giving Rock My World by the lovely and talented author Sharisse Coulter 4 out of 5 Champagne glasses.

Come Alive by Jessica Hawkins



Come Alive, the second book in Jessica Hawkins’ Cityscape Series, is out and is AMAZING!!  With all the emotional turmoil Olivia goes through—from acceptance to her fated marriage to her recognition of her overwhelming love for David—we couldn’t put it down!

 Olivia has been mourning both her friend’s death and her separation from David for months.  To numb the pain, Olivia dives into her work and inadvertently neglects her relationships with her dearest friends and the person that should matter most, her husband.   Their attempts to help Olivia’s growing depression are futile as we find out the one thing she needs to snap her out of it is about to come back into her life.  As David and Olivia are thrown together once again, her unwelcome feelings become her lifeline and she soon realizes hard decisions need to be made.  Question is, what and who will she choose?

 Go out and get this series if you haven’t already!  The Divas give Come Alive 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!!! We are anxiously (and maybe a little impatiently) waiting to see how this powerfully intense story continues to unfold.  

Come Alive by Jessica Hawkins is available at:





Kellan Kyle´s last note for Keira Allen , S. C. Stephens

kellan note

For those who have read the Thoughtless series…..we thought this was one of the best parts from Effortless ( book #2) ! Kellans note for Keira. Isn´t that just one of the most heart breaking scene? We loved it and we will always have a special place for Kellan in our hearts!

A Patriotic Whore ( The Cathouse Series) – Matthew Kadish


Oh, dear Lord. NEVER in my life have I had such a fantastic time while reading a book! I mean it, people! A Patriotic Whore was a new refreshing story and it I loved it!
When I was in the middle of a drama story, I received an email for a book recommendation of A Patriotic Whore by Matthew Kadish. And seriously? When I read the title, I was like : ” Aaaaaw, damn! Who comes up with such a title?” That was my only thought. But hey! I am the last person on this planet to judge a book by it´s title. So, I bought the book on Amazon and started the book with only a little knowledge on what the book was about.

This book was mainly about sex. Sex, sex, and a whole lot more sex! At times, a lot of kinky sex, but hey…….if you´re open-minded and you know what the world has to offer on kinky stuff….then you won´t be too shocked when reading some of these scenes. It was the story that made the kinky stuff very VERY unique and quite good!

Now ladies……if you have a woman in town that likes to sleep around…would you automatically give her the title ” whore” ? Yes, you would. You´d probably even go so far as calling her “slut, bitch” or other nasty and non friendly names. This book will set you completely free from all that negative thinking about village mattresses ( that´s what I call women who sleep around)….ANYWAYS….the way the author displayed the whole story was fantastic! I loved the way he used that nasty term and turned it into something normal.

This book was about Blaire Reese…a young college student, who loved nothing more than to party and have sex. Of course, having that kind of lifestyle as a young woman can lead others to think that she´s a whore. But Blaire was okay with that. There was nothing wrong with her having the same amount of fun as any guy was allowed to have. So, she was having fun until she noticed that she was about to flunk Psychology class. Blair decided to try what she does best. Try to charm the psychology Professor! And of course… works. Blair has an uncanny ability to use sex as a tool! And that doesn´t go unnoticed. The Professor meets with Blair and introduces her to a guy who wants to offer Blair a job. Since Blair doesn´t have a clue as to what she´d want to do with her life….she takes the offer! The offer to become a spy / whore for the CIA!I was totally into the story after that! Blaire had gone from a town bed hopper to a professional spy / whore for the CIA! Oh GOD….the things she has to do to actually become what she wants was just WOW! I had a whole lot of moments where I was just amazed by how interesting the characters were.. Blaire ( the main character) was and always will be my favorite. I´d even go so far and say that I felt like she could be my twin when it came to the way she acted and thought. She was just one of those people who you would fall in love with from the very start! She was funny!
I used every spare minute I found just to read this book!
The story was fun, funny, sexy as hell, and very interesting! To be perfectly honest with you people……I was shown the difference between man and woman, sex and emotions and so much more….I actually gave the whole subject another thought and I can say that this book changed my POV a little. When you really take your time to think about all the things that are involved with two people….you kind of get a huge AAAAAH! effect.
Even though this book had a serious background ( sleeping with the enemy, serving your country, etc) the story ( which was told from Blaire´s POV) was just soooo much fun! For the first time EVER, I felt that the charcter just called me on my phone and told me really fun story. I liked that alot! I liked the way the book was written ( very easy and normal, nothing too formal) and I liked that the characters were natural.

If you´re up for some fun + a lot of sex ( oh and it´s hot people…..the author nailed it * hooker humor alert!*)

I will say it again….I LOVED this book. And I am totally excited to read the second book!
Note to author: You ROCK! lol….

The Divas are giving this book 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!

Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins

Come undone


Olivia Germaine thinks she has everything she has ever wanted in her life—a blossoming career, great friends, and a loving husband—until an explosive connection is made between herself and the stunningly handsome and enticing bachelor, David Dylan, that knocks her world completely off its axis! As events pull the two together, Olivia is forced to fight against her all-consuming attraction for David and to look within herself and her marriage at what she truly desires.

Come Undone, the first book in Jessica Hawkins’ Cityscape Series is a powerfully written and emotionally charged book that draws the reader in and keeps us wanting more!  The Divas give this book 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!

If you are looking for a not-so-typical love story, go out and buy Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins! The book is available at:



Entwined With You by Sylvia Day


The time has come!  The third book in Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series is out and we have to tell you, it was simply amazing!  Entwined With You begins how Reflected In You ends.  Eva’s danger has passed thanks to our beautiful hero, Gideon and they are trying to come together again after all that has happened.  With many new twists and turns, we couldn’t put the book down!

This book was as close to perfect as any!  Sylvia did an amazing job telling the story which flowed extremely well into the next stage of Gideon and Eva’s affair.  It seems the two love birds are finally growing up; grasping the idea of what it means to be in a relationship.  Where there was little trust before, they are now finally able to believe in each other’s love and commitment.  Sylvia was able to successfully move the couple forward with past issues while adding new pebbles for them to stumble over.  She allowed the reader closure while enticingly drawing us into what comes next.  By the end of this book, we were completely fulfilled yet left needing more!  Good news!!! We have two more books in this series to make sure we get our fix of the wonderful adventures of Eva and Gideon!  The Divas give this book (and series) an enthusiastic 5 out of 5 champagne glasses!

You can get this book:

Barely Breathing ( #2 Breathing Series) – Rebecca Donovan

barely breathing

Barely Breathing is the second installment in the Breathing Series. And…..I didn´t like it. Not because the story wasn´t well written, or because it crappy.
Nope. The author, Rebecca Donovan probably wanted her readers to fall into a deep depression with this book. How in God´s name is someone able to write a book that has nothing but sorrow, hurt, mistrust, and betrayal in it? Oh there were a few ( very very few) romantic scenes in this book. But nothing I´d consider putting in the Romance category. This book, like the first one, is a Contemporary, Young Adult book that pissed me off.

And the reason for my strong negative vibes are only because I just so disagreed with Emma´s character. Again, the broken girl filled her spare time with nothing but wrong choices. Emma had it all. A loving new family who ACTUALLY cared for her. A best friend, who always supported her and of course, a stunning boyfriend, Evan! Evan would have done EVERYTHING to keep Emma happy. But noooo……Emma wanted to stay fucked up. I believe the author wanted to let Emma´s character go through a new level of hell.

It´s not enough to get beaten to death…nope. When you´re alive and kicking again, you must find new ways to make your life miserable. The story for me was like someone was hitting the hand from someone who treated you well. YOU JUST DON`T DO THAT! Don´t be ungreatful. Of couse, Emma had to make her own mistakes. But there were events that could have been avoided. Uugh. I just didn´t understand this story. One minute Emma loves the best man on this planet….and the next minute she´s hanging around her screwed up mothers boyfriend. No matter how good looking your mothers boyfriend is…….YOU STAY AWAY from him, even if it kills you! That´s nasty. It´s almost like: ” Hey mom…..when you´re finished, send him to my room so we can play cards * wink wink*…” Eeew. I have no clue what the author thought when she published this book. If Emma were my child……I´d lock her up and tell the guy to move along….far far away so I couldn´t kill him. So, what about Emma´s boyfriend, Evan?
The poor guy was nothing but good, kind, and loving. He would have carried Emma on a silver tablet 24/7. But noooo. Emma decided to go tag-teaming with her mother. If you play with fire you will get burned.

So…´s the story……The Book starts out with Emma again. Waking up in the hospital and then we see her picture perfect life. She lived with her BFF and had a normal life. Sports, School, parties, going out / having fun……Emma had it all! But then she had the grand idea to move in with her screwed up mother. You know…the one who never wanted her daughter around? So basically, Emma leaves all the good behind her and wants to give her mother a new chance to prove that she has changed.

Everyone is surprised by Emma´s choice but they still support her in every way they can. And what happened? Her mother didn´t change. She didn´t even want Emma to call her mom! And then came mommy´s new young boyfriend. Handsome is really eye candy material and ( oh who would have guessed?) is also a little screwed in the head. Emma found herself attracted to Jonathan because she felt some sort of link between them both. And poor Evan….he didn´t like the two spending time together. I wouldn´t either if I were in that same situation.

ANYWAYS……alot gets out of hand and the whole story turns out to be just one clusterfuck! And the outcome? I personally thought the end was disappointing. With the first book being non ” Happily ever after…” , I really thought the author would make this one a bit more happy (??) A character must have a point in her life where she can find peace and happiness…Or is that too much to ask for?
If you are into stories that make you feel bad for the character and at the same time, make you just want to slap the character on the back of her head because she´s being dumb……then this is your book! If you like the angsty feeling and you like a non happy ending…..then you are right where you want to be with Barely Breathing!
I´m not trying to be rude or anything……I just cannot believe how a series can start out so good and get so * shaking head* bad. The author still did an amazing job on her writing. And thank the Lord there is still a chance for this series to turn out really good. I am really hoping the author will make the third book a little cheerful….

The Divas are giving Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan 3 out of 5 Champagne glasses.