Eyes Wide Open ( Blackstone Affair #3) – Raine Miller




EWO   The third book in Raine Miller’s Blackstone Affair series definitely did not disappoint! If you thought you couldn’t fall more in love with Ethan and Brynne, well guess again. Their love story rocketed into a new dimension in Eyes Wide Open!

The story obviously begins where All In left off; at Hannah’s (Ethan’s sister) majestic beach-front Bed and Breakfast. We immediately are shown the softer, funner side to Ethan making you feel all warm and tingly inside. Their would-be nice, quiet yet steamy, romantic weekend takes a twist in fate when they receive some shocking news that neither of them are prepared for. Being the superman Ethan is, he is quick to take on the task as Brynne’s steady and loving rock in which his absolute love for her becomes even more apparent (if that were even possible!) Once home in London, and with the Olympics getting closer, Ethan goes through his days as the all-powerful CEO of his international security company; getting everything in order for his high-profile clients while managing to remain the most perfect and attentive man with Brynne {**sigh**}. And those are just his days… Let’s not forget about how he loves to spend his nights!! All I gotta say is Brynne is one lucky woman in that department!!!

Brynne continues to make progress in exercising her demons from her past with her therapist and is becoming more and more at ease with the knowledge of h

er deep and binding love for Ethan when tragedy strikes. Of course, Ethan, being the perfect man he is, drops everything to remain by her side during one of the most horrific times in her life. Together, they move forward as their love grows to unimaginable depths! Seriously, Raine has created the most perfect man and somehow keeps making him even more incredible as the story progresses!

Now, here’s the only thing that didn’t sit well with me and it’s SO minor that it didn’t necessarily take away from the book but it was just right there on the tip of my mind while reading. Ethan and Brynne’s love story begins and is centered around this big possible threat against her. Well, I felt that part of the story fizzled a little in this book. Don’t get me wrong; it’s there, just not as much as I would’ve liked. The climactic event happens and details are revealed but felt somewhat rushed to me. With that being said, bad guy loses, good guy wins, and Ethan and Brynne are left to live happily ever after; a perfect love story and one that I would recommend for all to read! Raine Miller has, once again, delivered an amazing story; drawing the reader completely into the beautiful world of Ethan Blackstone and Brynne Bennett. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for these two in her fourth Blackstone Affair book, which she says will be more of a standalone story of our favorite couple and I’m sure will be just as outstanding as the other three!

We simply cannot show more love for this book and this series! Raine Miller….the three of us bow before you!

The Divas are giving EYES WIDE OPEN a 5 out of 5 Champagne glasses ( eventhough this series should get much more!)!



10 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open ( Blackstone Affair #3) – Raine Miller

  1. I read all three books. Only thing at the end of #2you Ethan was going to court wit Brynne by slhis side. #3 book never mentioned anything about this and out come. Did I miss something….Never sàw anything about what happened.Thank you, Sandi

  2. Everyone is talking about EWO, but I can’t seem to find the paperback anywhere (not Barnes & Noble or Target). Is it not released to the public yet?

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