Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour (#1) – Olivia Cunning

BSP    JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH! We were taken on a wild ride with this Book! BACKSTAGE PASS from the one and only Olivia Cunning was just out of this WORLD! Damn the author for making this one of the hottest and unique Books EVER! Yes… read that correctly. WOW! We were blown away. The story started off pretty cool and then it was BAM…BAM…BAM! Not one boring scene in this Book!

Now….we all love us some rockstar ( more of less, depending on the hot guy on stage). But The Sinners have not only one totally hot rockstar, no. There is a whole lot more of ” to die for” rock Gods in this Band! And one kinkier then the other! lol

The rockband Sinners are the best the music buisiness has to offer. But for some reason… member has a hard time with himself. And that affects the band in the worst way! Lead guitarist Brian Sinclair has some kind of a musician block. So….life sucks for him.

And life sucks for Myrna too. Myrna, a college professor who teaches Human Sexuality, hasn´t really found a spot to lay her egg. Meaning: She´s not really happy with the way her life is going. Myrna loves her job but she hasn´t got the recognition that she really deserves fot it.

After Myrna gives a seminar on the subject sex, she runs into the worlds hottest dudes EVER in the hotel lobby! And yes…..the Sinners are also her favorite band! She collects all her courage and just walks over to where all the Sinners are having a drink and gets warm with the wild bunch. Myrna notices the very very drunk Brian and tries to keep her inner fan girl at bay ( very hard to do when a smoking hot guitarist is just inches away from you!) * giggle* but she does the fan girl anyways. Just in a classy way.

Brian sees ( well no…..he actually can´t see straight being drunk as a skunk) ANYWAYS…..Brian sees Myrna as just another *cough cough……* fuck and tries to get her to bed. Without success. Myrna, who is a wonderful character ( she´d be our BFF!) gets Brians attention with her actual self and then her body. The way both have sex goes way beyond your typical bedroom sports. Brian´s musician block vanishes after they have the best sex a couple could ever have.

Now you´guys are probably thinking ” Well…..duh! “…..haha! People, we are just at the very very beginning of this book! * grinning like idiots * Like barely at chapter 3. There is so much more to come. After the block is lifted from Brian ” Master Sinclair”, he realizes that Myrna made him creative! Brian started to hear the music again!

Here´s a tiny spoiler that we have to share! Brian starts writing music notes on Myrna´s naked body after they have sex just so he won´t forget the melody he was starting to hear! ALL OVER HER BODY! How sexy is that,huh? * the Divas are turning up the A/C cause that scene was HOT!*

So…..we have a sex professor who does know a great deal about where to push the right buttons while having sex and a sexy rockstar who loves sex, period! Both get along just fine in that department. Or should we say….on the tour bus! Yes. Myrna decides to go touring with the Sinners to do research for her job. And the more time she spends with Brian and co. the more she falls for him. Dealing with the Sinners in private and on stage Myrna not only gets to see both sides, but she also gets to see the real people beneath the rich and famous. She sees Brian as a man she´d more than love to live the rest of her life with, but she´s not really ready to jump into a new relationship. Especially not after the Hell she went through with her last one. Which is still haunting her. This story keeps you wide awake during every damn page!

This Book was something new, and we LOVE new refreshing stories! BACKSTAGE PASS just had it all for us. What we also enjoyed was that the author wasn´t shy in any way what so ever when it came to the sex her characters had. It wasn´t nasty at all! Nothing to complain about. Just really great sex with a few extras to keep your eyes glued to the pages! lol…..( we´re still kind of recovering from the sex scenes…..) KINKY and HOT! Thats what the Divas like to read about!

This story will not disappoint! We promise. If you´re up for the nitty gritty and a great story with loveable characters, then you will love this book!
WAIT!…….and the good news? Each band member of the Sinners gets their own Book! WOO – HOO! And the stories get hotter by the book!

The Divas are giving BACKSTAGE PASS by Olivia Cunning a 5 from 5 Champagne glasses!


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