Comfort Object – Annabel Joseph


Before anyone reads this, the Divas would like to warn first. If you are under the age of 18, then we´d appreciate it if you´d not read this review. This review contains foul language and most likely words and terms that are not fit for under-aged people. So, stop where you are and look something else up on our blog that doesn´t have a warning sign….:-) Thank you.

COShocking. disturbing. painful moments. This is what COMFORT OBJECT, from Annabel Joseph, is about. We get it that this should be a twisted Lovestory…..And after we finished this book ( no…..let´s rewrite that one….) while reading this book we weren´t brought into that special place where we get when we like a story. This was the most fucked up book EVER! We know that the BDSM lifestyle isn´t a pony ride ( well at least not for those who don´t practice it daily ) but it has been displayed in other books from other Authors with much more passion and elegance then in COMFORT OBJECT. We don´t want to explain the doings and things that are done when a couple ( or more people) decide to go all Dom / Sub on each other. You probably know by now how that works…lol. But when it comes to making someone suffer or even torture them….that´s when the whole lifestyle shit stops and the abuse starts.

It´s not even close to kinky. It´s not close to tasteful. It´s not even close to being unique! It was brutal. No one in their right mind would find something such as abuse erotic! Who the Hell goes home after a hard days work and is happy to hear names like whore, slut, worthless whatever ……Who likes that? Who enjoys being punished over night with some kind of rope underwear with a knot positioned on the clit and isn´t allowed to orgasm? And the craziest thing? The Heroine in this book didn´t do anything about it because she was under a contract. And she was kind of “in love” with the stupid fuck who tortured her. Oh come on people! This is just bullshit!

Okay….so, Nell, the Heroine of the book, works at an exclusive BDSM club in California to save some money for her education. Not so bad so far,huh? Well, she gets a costumer, client, beat-fuck buddy, new-be wannabe Dom on a normal work day. After playing with each other Nell senses that the guy isn´t a Dom, and she´s right! The guy was sent to find someone suitable for his Boss…..Who is some big hotshot actor that the whole world loves. Not so bad either, rght? SO…..when Nell finds out what the guy wants from her, she agrees to meet Mr. Bigshot actor Jeremy Gray. Jeremy offers Nell a enough money to be his sex slave, submissive, and public girlfriend for a longer period of time. And guess what? Nell accepts and the fun ( or in our case the nightmare) begins. She ditches her Job and jumps on board with the hollywood hunk. The story up until then wasn´t bad at all. It´s when she agreed to be Jeremy´s piece of shit. Because that´s how he treated her!! But he did kind of feel sorry at times for treating her bad…( Oh boo-hoo……should we feel sympathy for the sick bastard? ) When Jeremy had a bad day, he would beat Nell and she accepted it all. WTF??? Hell, if someone has a bad day then go to the fucking Gym! When Nell was a `bad girl` , Jeremy beat her too and punished her with release denial! He shared her with his friends and he let his PA bang her too. What a thoughtful man,huh? pfft….thoughtful .my ass!! Jeremy was once pissed so bad that he threw Nells beloved books, the things she loved the most, in a fire! And she didn´t do shit against it! There was no fight over that event, nothing. Just a ” oh when will he be home? bla bla bla, sappy crappy me for being such a bitch for falling in love with the sick fuck! But I love him and want him home!….” ( twisted…very twisted) What an awful human being…..And she loved him?? He was a sick, twisted SOB who got hard when he could let off some steam. Lovely…..just lovely. Now there´s some true romance happening there when you beat someone and then you tell them you don´t know what you feel for them…..yeah. Uugh…..

But when Jeremy DOES find the time to have actual feelings for Nell, he just continues to fuck,beat, and punish her. But then…´s okay because both find the perfect rhythm for their fuck-beatings……

We are usually very open minded when it comes to subjects like this one. But when a reader is put through a story where beatings should be seen as something sexual, sensual, or even unique……that´s the point where we hold our hands up and sink our heads, meaning that we´re giving up on liking this book. You can put some very kinky stuff under our noses and we´d be okay with it. But not this……no….
What even shocks us more is when this book gets into the hands of some insecure, self doubting young lady, that she will think that she´ll make some points in life if she acts like someone´s doormat just like Nell….Or some girl thinks that beatings are standard and should be seen as some kind of affection when it happens…
We are fully aware that this was ” just a book”….a fictional story with characters that aren´t real. But it just pissed us off so bad!!! We don´t even know in which catagory we should place this book. Because it was nothing close to erotica!

The author made a small insight of the characters lives, but that didn´t make up for the story…..Nope. What shall we say other than that this book was one fucked up story and that we´d like to beat the shit out of Jeremy Gray one day.

The Divas are giving this book 1 from 5 Champagne glasses…and that´s to much.


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