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When Bloggers write reviews about books, they are supposed to give the most honest feeback they can possibly give. And that also includes showing feelings of any kind and forming their thoughts into words that are fit for expressing their feelings. If that includes cussing, then that should be okay too. As it is with writers……Bloggers also have the power to out-lay anything that comes to their minds. Which means, if an Author can make up a fictional story that includes a very intense subject such as sexual abuse or any kind of abuse for that matter, and color it out to a point where it is uncomfortable, then Bloggers can have the freedom to express their thoughts in any way they possibly wish to.
Also note that when a Blogger or Bloggers review a book, it is only a personal opinion about the story and it is not meant as an insult againt the Author who wrote it.

When subjects, such as BDSM are brought into a story, not everyone will love it. Especially when the subject crosses a border or two. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain, and there is also a fine line between the people who LOVE to read about that Lifestyle and those who LIKE it.

When subjects like rape are in a book, and it is displayed very colorfully for the readers to actually “feel” the scene then it is okay as long as it isn´t meant to be seen as something wonderful! If a writer chooses to go in that direction, then it´s okay. But then it should be more than okay if a Blogger writes his or her personal opinion as well.

Bloggers should never be judged personally. And, the same goes for Authors… one will ever judge an Author personally. Bloggers only judge about a story that has been put down on paper. If anyone wishes to judge a Blogger personally, then okay. A good Blogger knows that writing about a book is difficult and that it might hurt the feelings of the Author, but if an Author cannot deal with an honest opinion, then it´s really not the Bloggers fault.

Bloggers are also aware of the fact that books can be chosen to be read. If an Author believes his work is worthy for the rest of the human race to enjoy then by all means! But what Bloggers don´t understand is why Authors, who recieve a less than three star rating, suddenly say ” well no one forced you to read my book”. Of course no one forces a Blogger to read anything. That´s absured. But Bloggers feel that exact freedom as Authors do. You put it out there and Bloggers will write about it. So no Author can force a Blogger not to write a any kind of review.

.There is so much beauty in a personal opinion. Anyone can say what they think, and they should never be afraid to express their feelings about a book.

The Divas thank you for taking your time to read this….

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