Desire – Missy Johnson

This Book was AWESOME! Brilliant! So so good! We were so positively surprised! Gosh…..the Author really nailed it all with this story! We were captivated from the first few pages! And guess what!……This book never gave us a chance to get bored! Nope. *so excited, eyes wide open even at this time at night!* Good Lord! We just couldn´t put this one down! Not even for a short break! Even though we´re exhausted as Hell, we just can´t seem to shake off the excitement we´re feeling!

This is a story about a college girl who tries to manage her life on her own without the help from the people who let her down. Namely….her own Family. Kait moves away and abandons her mother and two siblings to start new. Four years later a detective shows up and brings the bad news that her mother is missing and now Kait has to take in her younger brother and sister while their mother is gone. Kait, who is kind of attracked to the * oh so gorgeous looking* detective Devon, finds herself in a dilemma. Living with her roommate Ara, Kait decides to let her siblings stay with her. Having two kids to take care of Kait needs to get a job…..And the job she accepts isn´t your daily waitress job. NOOO! She accepts a job as a receptionist in a brothel!!!!!! Way cool!! * No….we´re not nuts…..*

So can you see where this story is heading?! You can?……Well…..we can say that you DON`T know where this story is heading!!!! That´s the amazing part of this story! You don´t know what comes next! This Book was a fantastic piece of story telling! The fact that the Author made everything so easy to understand was great!
One could think that a story of a young woman working at a brothel could be kind of disturbing……but thats just it! We were so happy that we were made to understand the why´s and all. Oh and…..about the relationship between Kait and Devon….well…it will not disapoint! You got to read it! The way the story ended was kind of heart-breaking, but as you can tell…..we survived ( in a good way)!! lol

And thank God for that! We can´t wait for the next Book!!! We´re giving ” Desire” 4 champagne glasses!


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