Dark Lover – J. R. Ward

DL2The first installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood from J. R. Ward.
When we read this book it took a few pages to actually “get into” the story. This book is the beginning of an endless fight to defeat the bad, which is in this book not the Vampires as we would think. Nope kiddos……Those would be the Lessers…Yeah…we know….odd name for an enemy, but hey! We were cool with it as long as the story still turns out great, right? And this story turned out juuuuust fine…:-) Entering this refreshing world with Vampires who desperately fight for their race´s existance, we get to meet the King ( Wrath) and his Black Dagger Brotherhood, a band consisting of six other Vampire worriors who fight the streets of Caldwell, NY. Wrath, struggles with the idea of taking over his actual duties as the race´s King. He and the other members from the Brotherhood fight each night against the baby powder smelling Lessers ( another odd thing, yes…..but somehow it fits..:-) ) In the middle of their small war, Wrath not only has problems with his own demons, he also has to deal with the loss of a close friend.(and that is so sad…) The King who denies the throne and his actual self, suddenly finds a person who gives his life a meaning, Beth. We find out that of course…..Vampires don´t interact with Humans, but Wrath cannot stay away from this one beautiful Female who also happens to be the daughter from his deceased friend. And this is where the actual story gets interesting…… The King falls for the Human and all of the sudden……PANG! Everything turns upside down and every piece of the un-known gets in place….well, at least for the King. * laugh*…..We´d love to tell more about the book, but that would give away to much…..so…..SORRY….
This Book was finished within a couple of days and the characters are still sticking like glue to us! We thought ” Dark Lover” was fantastic! You will fall in love with Wrath and with the rest of the Brotherhood after this one!

And the good thing about this series? J. R.Ward wrote for each Brother a book!!!!!!! AAAAAHHH! So so cool. You´ll be driven to the edge with ” Dark Lover”….Lots and lots of love….hot sex, strong bindings, and some sexy fight scenes…..( Boy, you can get a good visual on the action * sigh* ) Big, huge, muscle packed, hubba hubba full of sex with Daggers as weapons….Who the hell can say `NO` to that??

We loved it! And you will too!! Trust us……


2 thoughts on “Dark Lover – J. R. Ward

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