Walking Disaster (# 2) – Jamie McGuire

walking disaster

We were so happy to FINALLY read “Walking Disaster” by Jamie McGuire. This story isn´t a new one. Walking Disaster is almost the same as the book ” Beautiful Disaster”…just written from Travis s POV. We weren´t very kind about Travis when we reviewed Beautiful Disaster. Yes, he was a semi lunatic and he had some Neanderthal in him. He was also a man-whore and an asshole at times…. but that picture changed for us when we finished Walking Disaster! He was just worried 24 / 7! Gosh, that boy was constantly thinking thinking thinking. We kind of felt sorry for him through the book. Reading from Abby´s and Travis´s POV really did change our minds. Travis was a loving and caring fool who would have gone through Hell and back just to be with his Pigeon ( we still gotta get used to that name..*laugh* ) Actually, Travis did go through Hell a couple of times….Every action from him in the first book gave us the impression that he really needed professional help. ( No one should beat someone over a girl or should no one trash an apartment just because he´s pissed) That all just screamed for an Anti- Aggression Theorpy!And after this one…..we were shown that he just had a different way of showing his feelings….Feelings he was a stranger to for so long. We know , we know…..it´s no excuse for his behaivor…..But come one! Give the poor guy a break! He just was afraid to loose Abby! And when one finds the true love of his life, then who are we to judge on how he is supposed to act, right? It´s still a crazy as Hell story but we enjoyed it more this time with Travis.
When the book came to an end, we caught a little glimpse of Abby and Travis´s future! Which was……so sweet! Our favorite part of the book!
You will love this one more than the first book! Be sure to look it up! We think it´s totally worth it.

We´re giving this one a four THUMBS UP!

Tina & Jules xoxo


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