Hopeless – Colleen Hoover

hopeless   This book was…..was….Gosh, how do we do a review about Hopeless from Colleen Hoover? We have alot to say about this one, but not really any idea how we should express our feelings in the right way. I ( it´s me, Jules, doing the Hopeless review, winkwink) fought and fought for days to hold back my emotions! I swear to GOD , this book kind of made me an emotional wreck after I finished it! It really didn´t matter where I went ( grocery store, spa,cooking dinner at home, having drinks with my besties) I had tears in my eyes when thinking about this story for one whole WEEK! And, you must know, I don´t really do the eye watering thing THAT easy!!!!!!! I mean….COME ON! How can one woman write a book and make ´tough cookie me´cry? Well…it´s actually pretty simple. (smile) The story started out with a girl who had an emotional detachment towards her environment. Until she bumps into a guy ( Ooooooh yeah, and you know he´ll be hot!!!) and her small , tucked away world is turned upside down. The Heroine Sky is a well protected girl who lives alone with her mother and wishes for nothing more than to have a normal life like any other person in her age does.When Sky´s wish does come true she finds herself living the dream until Holder ( Hero) gets under her skin and shakes up little Sky world to a point where her life becomes one emotional mess! The end of the Book was really surprising, which is good cause we just don´t really FEEL a book when you can tell how it will end.Okay okay….we don´t want to get into more details about the story. That WOULD spoil a great deal. Plus we actually think you should read Hopeless and cry too! Reading the Title on the book had our imagination running in a complete different direction! We never would have thought that Hopeless would be such a gift to read! This Book is absolutely a MUST – READ!! Colleen Hoover did an outstanding job writing this Book! And for that we absolutely love her!! If you have read Slammed by Colleen Hoover then you will LOVE LOVE LOVE Hopeless! We promise…:-)

Tina & Jules xoxo


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